M.Ed. in Inclusive Practices

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The 100% online Assessment, Curriculum and Teaching (ACTE) Inclusive Practices program allows students to expand their experiences with diversity in education and incorporate instructional practices into their own classrooms that are more inclusive to the students with whom they work.


The Inclusive Practices concentration is a response to the increased diversity of preK-12 classrooms and the need for more inclusive instructional practices surrounding this diversity.  This program will guide teachers in integrating new instructional practices more inclusive to their own student populations.

While Millersville offers other programs addressing special education, the Inclusive Practices concentration seeks to address additional forms of diversity found in today's schools.

The Inclusive Practices concentration offers a course of study for those teachers who want to broaden their instructional abilities and better meet the needs of today’s preK-12 learners.


This online MEd program consists of 33 total credits:

  • 9 credits M.Ed. Core Courses
  • 6 credits ACTE Core Courses
  • 12 credits Concentration in Inclusive Practices
  • 6 credits Thesis/Capstone Experience 

Through the Inclusive Practices concentration, students will:

  • Draw on their understanding of individual differences to enact Universal Design principles to ensure inclusive learning environments that enable each learner to meet high standards.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the need for a variety of strategies for today’s students.
  • Apply the central concepts and tools of inquiry of their discipline(s) to create an inclusive learning experience that make their content area accessible and comprehensible to all learners.
  • Identify and incorporate practices and strategies that can make classroom environments more inclusive for a wider diversity of learners.
  • Plan instruction that supports every student in meeting learning goals that employ principles of universal design, deep content knowledge, and understanding of all learners and the community context.
  • Engage in professional discourse regarding cultural responsiveness to preK-12 students and their families.
  • Examine systemic and instructional bias at all levels to create more inclusive learning environments. 

This Program is Designed for:

  • Teachers who hold an initial teaching certification in any K-12 discipline.
  • Curriculum supervisors and designers
  • Current and prospective teachers seeking an edge in job searches
  • Educational administrators and leaders

Program Highlights:

  • Accelerated courses— can be completed 100% online
  • Affordable tuition rates
  • Credits meet ACT 48 requirements