BSE Inclusive Education (INED) / Special Education

Dual Certification: Content and Inclusive Education (INED) / Special Education

Changes to Special Education Certification Programs

On October 18, 2019, Governor Wolf signed into law Act 82 of 2018 which amended special education certifications, creating a new stand-alone Special Education PreK-12 certificate. This law begins January 2022.

Millersville is in the process of creating this new program, but in the meantime, students can obtain special education certification with early childhood or secondary/K-12 education.

What does this mean for Millersville University students seeking to become certified in special education?

Our dual programs/concentrations continue, with slight modification. If you are completing your student teaching after December 2021, the dual programs you will be certified are as follows:

  • Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education Department: Major Early Childhood grades PreK-8 and Special Education PreK-12
  • Educational Foundations Department: BSE in a content area of 7-12 or K-12 and Inclusive Education/Special Education PreK-12

The need for Millersville's teacher education program graduates who also have a Special Education certification has been climbing steadily for years. To obtain Special Education certification, called Inclusive Education (INED), Millersville students enroll in a BSE certification area and complete a concentration in Inclusive Education (INED) for special education certification. Students benefit from an integrated learning experience led by knowledgeable faculty from various educational departments.

The following BSE certification areas can add the Inclusive Education (INED) concentration:

English Biology Physics French

Technology & 


Math Chemistry Spanish Art
Social Studies Earth Sciences German Music  

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Our mission:

Prepare educators to facilitate an empowered and unified P-12 learning community to be successful in the world of people through respect, collaboration, mutuality and the realization of each individual gift.

Important Information


Clearances are a critical part of the field experience process and need to be submitted to the Field Services Department prior to registering for any education courses.

Admission to Advanced Professional Studies and Certification
(Education Majors) 

All students enrolled in teacher preparation programs must be admitted to Advanced Professional Studies and meet Pennsylvania state requirements propr to being enrolled in their initial Advanced Professional Studies course. Students must meet additional Pennsylvania State requirements in order to be certified. A listing of Advances Professional Studies courses and requirements is available in each department office, the Early Field Experience office and on the Early Field Experience website.