Student Teaching Within The Classroom


  • Have a completed Bachelor's degree
  • Meet all other qualifications for student teaching including admission to Advanced Professional Studies (APS).
  • Have an emergency teaching permit or Intern certificate or its equivalent in the certification area being sought
  • Have a minimum of two years teaching experience or its equivalent
  • Have a current one year/full time teaching position in the certification area being sought or its equivalent in a school that is within a 50 mile radius of Millersville University
  • Have passed the content area Praxis Tests (OPI for Foreign Languages) in the certification area being sought.
  • Have completed at least two courses at Millersville before application. Have completed all required coursework by the end of the Fall for candidates applying for Spring student teaching or by the end of the Spring semester for candidates applying for Fall student teaching
  • Have received a recommendation from the Educational Foundations Department Chair. This recommendation is based on evaluations of the candidate from faculty who have had the candidate in class 
  • Have received a recommendation from the appropriate school administrator at their place of employment and a signed mentor agreement from a certified teacher with three years experience

Student teaching in your own classroom is an exception to regular student teaching for candidates who are working with an emergency teaching certificate and who met the higher standards required for this exception. Candidates who successfully meet these criteria must enroll for a full semester of student teaching (12 credits). A university student teaching supervisor will be assigned to the candidate who will conduct the university required classroom observations and conferences indicated for student teaching supervision. This program is only available to candidates employed in a school within a 50 mile radius of Millersville University.

Procedure for Application

  • Candidates must be admitted to a certification program at MU and must have completed at least 6 credits at MU before application.
  • After completing 6 credits, candidates may apply at the Field Services Office requesting to student teach in their own classroom. Application must be made by October 1st for student teaching in the Spring and by March 1st for student teaching in the Fall. 
  • The Field Services Office will contact the certification officer and the candidate’s education department chair to determine if requirements are met. Field Services will seek a Mentor agreement form from the candidate’s school. Field Services will notify the candidate when their application has been approved or denied.

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