Faculty Staff Permit Renewal Form

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

After completion of this form, please stop by the parking office in Lebanon house with your MU ID card to pick up your new faculty / staff permit. Faculty / Staff receive one permit free of charge.  An additional permit can be purchased for $15.  Please make check or money order made out to MU Traffic fund.  Parking offices hours are from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Any questions feel free to call our parking office at 717-871-5964.

Faculty and Staff Parking Permit Request

Faculty and Staff Parking Permit Request

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    I understand that it is my obligation to read, understand and follow the Millersville University Traffic & Parking Regulations.

    I understand that this parking permit must be placed on the rearview mirror of my vehicle.

    I understand that if I drive another vehicle it is my responsibility to obtain a temporary permit from the Parking Division, any ticket I receive for not displaying a permit is my responsibility.

    I understand that this permit is for employee use only. If this permit is used by anybody other than the name listed, permit will be revoked.

    I understand there is a $15 replacement fee for all additional permits even if lost or stolen.

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