Graduate Letter of Completion

Letter of Completion in Coaching Education

The purpose of this 9-credit, fully-online Letter of Completion in Coaching Education is for postbaccalaureate students to satisfy all of the courses required by the PIAA and the program will provide students the opportunity to complete several of the recommended courses. 

This Letter of Completion in Coaching Education will serve as a stand-alone program for any interested students with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university. The undergraduate degree need not be in a Sports Management-related field.

Letter of Completion Requirements 

     Required Courses (6 credits) 

          WSSD 551* Coaching of Sport (3) 

          WSSD 618* Athletic Injury Prevention and Management (3)

     Elective Courses (3 credits) 

          WSSD 581 Analyzing Performance in Sport (3) 

          WSSD 582 Sport Psychology (3)

          WSSD 617 Sport Conditioning (3)

          WSSD 621 Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (3) 

*These courses fulfill the PIAA requirements for Graduate students.  For more information, visit:

Why take the required courses at Millersville?

Graduate Level:

  •  Students can earn graduate credits (3 credit courses) while completing PIAA requirements
  •  All Graduate‐Level courses will satisfy ACT 48 requirements
  •  Courses do count as electives in the Department’s M.Ed. in Sports Management program
  •  Courses are fully online and can be accessed from anywhere