Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Program

Accelerated Program Overview

Each academic year, students from the B.S. in Sport Administration program may be accepted for early admission into the M.Ed. in Sport Management program, allowing students to take four graduate courses during their senior year. These courses will count towards both the student’s undergraduate and graduate degrees. The courses will be billed at the undergraduate tuition rate, saving a student over $7,000 when they graduate with both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Students in the accelerated program must adhere to Graduate Academic Standing policy outlined in the Graduate Catalog for any graduate courses. All other MU graduate academic and other policies are applicable to all graduate coursework.

Once the four graduate courses are successfully completed during the senior year and the student finishes all undergraduate requirements, the student may participate in the Undergraduate Commencement ceremony. At this point, the student will continue with completing graduate-level courses. If a student needs to complete additional undergraduate credits to finish the bachelor’s degree (to reach 120 credits and/or all required courses), then this student will need to finalize undergraduate classes.

“A beneficial aspect of the accelerated degree program is that it allows me to be ahead of the game and creates an opportunity for me to pursue two degrees at once. This gives me the ability to finish my master's degree in only one year after completing my undergraduate degree. ”

- Sydney Shannon | Class of '23, BS to M.Ed. Accelerated Program

Acceptance Requirements for Accelerated Program

Acceptance to the program is open to those applicants who possess a 3.0 or higher overall GPA and have earned 70 credits by the end of the semester in which they apply. Of these credits, 50% of the required B.S. Sport Administration courses must have been earned from Millersville University. These courses include: BUAD 161, 162, 231, 251; COMM 429; FIN 203; WSSD 311, 350, 358, 360 or 410, 454, and 483.  Strong transfer students may also be considered for entrance into the program if they 1) have an exceptional transcript with high academic achievement; 2) have earned 70 credits by the end of the semester in which they apply, and 3) have at least two faculty members from WSSD endorse their academic performance in WSSD courses.

Students may be asked to complete an interview with the WSSD Graduate Committee. If accepted into the accelerated program, the student must complete an application to the M.Ed. Sports Management program through the Millersville Graduate Studies program.

After speaking with your advisor and meeting the requirements above, you can apply in any semester.


Accelerated Program Curriculum

After acceptance, students will enroll in the following classes during senior year:

  • WSSD 612 - Summer session (before senior year)  
  • WSSD 601 - Summer session (before senior year)  
  • WSSD 604 - Fall semester (senior year) 
  • WSSD 602 - Spring semester (senior year) 

These four courses will count as WSSD elective courses within the B.S. in Sport Administration degree.

For students in this program, this would be an example of how you may finish both your undergraduate and graduate degrees in 5 years: 

 Accelerated 5-Year Plan