Wellness & Sport Sciences

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Wellness and Sport Sciences Department (WSSD) is committed to improving the personal and professional lives of Millersville University students as well as citizens from  the surrounding region through teaching, continued scholarly growth, and service. 

The mission for WSSD includes: To provide wellness education to every undergraduate student; To provide sport management education for students in the M. Ed. in Sport Management; To provide athletic coaching education to undergraduate students in the Athletic Coaching Minor; To provide sport science education to undergraduate students in Sports Medicine; To provide Multidisciplinary Studies programs in Sports Journalism and Sport Business; and to provide a pedagogical foundation in wellness to early education majors. 

WSSD Vision

The Wellness and Sport Sciences Department will be a major contributor to the Millersville University experience that empowers students to make a significant difference in the communities where they live and work and to Millersville’s attainment to be a premier comprehensive public university.