Undergraduate Coaching Minor

Requirements for Academic Minor in Coaching

Regulations Governing Minor Course Work:

  • There shall be a minimum of 18.0 credit hours with a minimum Millersville QPA of 2.0
  • Only one course which does not count toward a major may be counted toward a minor in the same discipline.
  • Courses that count toward a minor are also eligible to be used to satisfy the current University-wide General Education requirements subject to normal distribution requirements.
  • At least two courses should be at the upper-division level (300-400). Exceptions may be requested upon evidence of program depth.
  • No course needed for the minor may be Pass-Fail.
  • One-half or more of the work required for the minor must be completed at Millersville University.

Required Courses (12.0 credits):

  • WSSD 311 First Aid & CPR or WSSD 482 for MDST SPBU and ALHT SP MED majors
  • WSSD 450 Kines & Physio Found of Sport
  • WSSD 480 Theory/Tech of Coach & Sport
  • WSSD 483 Legal Aspects of Sport or WSSD 452 for MDST SPBU or WSSD 482 for MDST SJRN 

Choose two of the following (6.0 credits):

  • WSSD 300 Co-Op experience
  • WSSD 350 Sport in North America (not an elective for MDST SPBU or SJRN majors)
  • WSSD 375 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (not an elective for ALHT SMED majors)
  • WSSD 410 International Sport Issues and Industry Tour
  • WSSD 452 Nutrition for Perform Enhance (not an elective for MDST SPBU or ALHT SMED majors)
  • WSSD 454 Leadership Development (not an elective for MDST SPBU or MDST SJRN majors)
  • WSSD 482 Coaching Effectiveness (not an elective for MDST SPBU, MDST SJRN, or ALHT SMED majors)
  • WSSD 485/582 Sport Psychology (not an elective for MDST SPBU, MDST SJRN, or ALHT SMED majors)
  • WSSD 486 Topics
  • WSSD 498 Independent Study
  • COMM 429 Topics:  Sport Communications

Allowable Substitution:

  • WSSD 551 Coaching of Sport (3 Credits) (for WSSD 480)

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