Biology Internships

A biology internship is a supplemental learning program that offers real-world perspectives about work in a student's field of interest. Among other things, it acquaints students with workplace culture and offers them an opportunity to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom to the workplace. Internship work is usually part-time when it occurs during the regular academic year and full or part-time when it occurs in the summer. Because the program does not require students to be away from school, it does not necessarily prolong the time they spend in college. This is one important difference between an internship and a coop. Other differences are: (1) internships may or may not bear academic credit, while coops always do; (2) coops are always paid positions, while internships may or may not be; (3) coops are always full-time temporary positions, while internships can be either part-time or full-time temporary positions. The links below provide information about biology internship opportunities. For more information about internships opportunities, visit the ELCM internships page.

  1. “Jobseeker” Internships
  4. Society for conservation biology internships