About The Center


The purpose of the Millersville University's Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is to:

  • provide professional development across the teaching-learning scholarship spectrum;
  • support campus wide learning communities;
  • fosters innovative instructional strategies to promote learning through evidence based practice;
  • examine local, state, and national trends and potential impact on the campus community;
  • respond proactively to university faculty needs; and
  • offer resources to support teaching, scholarship, and service endeavors.


The mission of Millersville University’s Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is to:

  • promote excellence in teaching and learning;
  • encourage an atmosphere of collaboration and scholarly inquiry as an integral part of teaching and learning;
  • provide resources and programs to assist faculty with their professional development as educators;
  • promote a campus environment that fosters scholarship;
  • encourage teaching practices that are grounded in scholarship;
  • enhance learning through support of interdisciplinary collaborations across the university;
  • develop services and programs for faculty members of all experience levels;
  • engage critical thinking and discussion through open forums; and
  • establish and maintain mutually supportive relationships with other institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania.