Open Education Week

2022 Schedule

March 2022 session calendar

Faculty Persistence with OER Adoption: Data from adoption initiatives (live) 
Wednesday March 9th 11am EST
Presented by:
Nicole Pfannenstiel, Associate Professor of English
Dan Albert, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Katherine Fawcett, Graduate Assistant, Vilas A. Prabhu CAE
This session reports on the persistence rates and behaviors of faculty adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) through a university-wide adoption initiative. The discussion includes data and discussion on 4 groups of adopting faculty spanning 1 semester post-initiative to 3 years post-initiative to begin a conversation about faculty persistence with textbook choice. 
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The Interconnections of OERs and Instructional Design
Thursday, March 10th at 11 am EST
Presented by:
Matt Fox
This session will discuss the vital ways that Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Instructional Design are interconnected. The backbone of effective implementation of OERs is instructional design: thinking critically about the resources we use and why we chose them, how we teach and support our learners through the content, and scaffolding activities for long-term student success.
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Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS): Uses and Examples for Life and in the Classroom 
Thursday, March 10th at 3pm EST 
Presented by:
Christopher Stieha, Assistant Professor of Biology
Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is cost-free software (free as in no cost) where users are given access and allowed to distribute the source code (free as in libre).  FLOSS rival many of the standard for-cost software packages, but may not be as well known.  In this webinar, I will introduce FLOSS for activities, such as image manipulation, video creation and editing, and statistical analysis, and show examples of how I use these resources in my life and in my classroom.
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