Open Education Week

2021 Schedule

Monday, March 1st

Adopting OER Materials in Education Courses

Stephanie Pennucci, Charlton Wolfgang, Jason Davis

This session explores adopting materials for use with pre-service educators in science and special education.

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Tuesday, March 2nd

Building on an initial OER adoption. What happens next?

Emily Baldys, Jess Hughes, Heather Lehman, Rob Spicer

How does a successful foray into using OER change the approach used by instructors in subsequent semesters? This panel will share how their adoption of OER changed (or didn’t) their teaching and use of course materials. 

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Developing a Course to Support OER Adopters

Kim Auger, Matt Fox, and Nicole Pfannenstiel

This session explores an online course designed to support new OER adopters through adoption. We explain where the course fits with our incentivized adoption model, and how it reflects the needs of our faculty community.

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Wednesday, March 3rd

Teaching Statistics Using R in Psychology and Biology

Nicole Sorhagen and Christopher Stieha will discuss teaching statistics and using the statistical programming language R in their disciplines.  Nicole teaches statistics and experimental design in Psychology, and Chris teaches statistics and mathematical modeling in Biology.  They will discuss their decisions behind choosing R, benefits of using Open Source, and working with students’ fear of math. 

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How to Engage with the Wider OER Community

Stephanie Pennucci, Krista Higham, Dan Stafford (Kutztown)

Whether you have an OER committee/support group on campus or not, connecting to a wider network offers many benefits.  It affords opportunities to learn what others are doing in the field, spark new ideas, and bounce around options.  We will present many avenues to get involved and learn including listservs, blogs, conferences, and discussion groups.

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Thursday, March 4th

OER use for an Introductory General, Organic, and Biochemistry (GOB) Course

Dr. Melissa Mullen-Davis will discuss her use of OER in an Introductory General, Organic, and Biochemistry (GOB) Course. The discussion will address challenges faced in adopting OER for this course and adjustments she is exploring for future iterations of the course.

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Adoption of OER in Introductory Chemistry

Dr. Maria Schiza will discuss her adoption of the OpenStax Chemistry textbook as a replacement for a commercial textbook in Introductory Chemistry.

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Friday, March 5th

 OER in an Advanced Nursing Course

Dawn Lambert, Susan Moyer, & Kim Auger

Dr. Dawn Lambert & Dr. Susan Moyer will discuss their decision to adopt ZTC (zero textbook cost) for an upper-level discipline-specific course.  They will describe how they redesigned a senior-level nursing course using open resources, identify the outcomes that resulted from the redesign, and share lessons learned.

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  • Recordings from Open Education Week 2020

    Open Adoption Program Development and Outreach

    Presented by: Greg Szczyrbak & Ollie Dreon

    Members of the OER Working Group discuss finding a balance of open sessions about open pedagogy, open materials, and incentivized programs to build and maintain interest in shifting toward a campus culture of open.

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    Building OER Initiatives as part of the OpenStax Institutional Partnership Program

    Presented by: Krista Higham & Daniel Albert

    This session will describe our path toward OER awareness and adoption.  Utilizing the OpenStax Institutional Partnership framework to build upon initial efforts and to develop a sustainable program.

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    K-12 Open Education Resources

    Presented by: Stephanie Pennucci

    Millersville’s Education Librarian will discuss the role of OER in K-12 schools.

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    Case Study: Biology Adoption and Design

    Presented by: Matt Fox & Heather Lehman

    With a specific focus on learning design, a Biology faculty member and Instructional Designer discuss building an OER course.

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    Case Study: Art History Open Adoption

    Presented by: Heidi Leitzke

    With a specific need for piecing together resources, an Art History professor discusses her experience adopting and teaching with a variety of open materials.

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    Case Study: English Composition Adoption

    Presented by: Nicole Pfannenstiel & Emily Baldys

    This session explores ways of adopting multiple resources to support student engagement with learning about writing.

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    Case Study: Education Adoption

    Presented by: Aileen Hower & Rich Mehrenberg

    With a specific focus on learning and cross-course transfer, faculty from Education discuss their experiences adopting open materials for students.

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    Case Study: Psychology Adoption

    Presented by: Karena Rush & Lauren Kaiser

    In an effort to connect students with materials on the first day of classes, faculty from Psychology discuss their experiences adopting open materials for First-Year and Sophomore Psychology courses.

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    Open Adoption Mentoring

    Presented by: Nicole Pfannenstiel

    As part of ongoing campus OER Efforts, this session explores why the OER Working Group at Millersville University designed a program focused on mentoring to support new adopting faculty.

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  • Recordings from Open Education Week 2019

    Open Textbook Initiative - How did we get here?- Presented by: Dr. Ollie Dreon, Dr. Amber Nicole Pfannenstiel, & Dr. Chris Stieha

    As our university begins an Open Textbook Initiative, the session captures the journey that we’ve taken to date and the research and roles that have informed our work.

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    Ready to Publish your Own OER? Questions to think about- Presented by: Greg Szczyrbak & Dr. Amber Nicole Pfannenstiel 

    Experienced instructors are typically sitting on a large assortment of instructional materials created for classes over many years. Many of these may be appropriate materials to share as OER, but where to get started.  The presenters will raise several questions (and maybe answer a few) to consider before you publish your own OER.

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    Oer in undergraduate biology: from non-majors to ecology and biometry- Presented by: Dr. Chris Stieha

    In this webinar, I will discuss my use of OER in the undergraduate biology courses that I teach, ranging from an introductory course for non-majors to courses for biology majors in ecology, biometry, and population and community ecology.  For these course, I use a range of open material, from images and case studies to journal articles and textbooks.

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    Combining oer resources to meet learning needs-  Presented by: Dr. Amber Nicole Pfannenstiel, English & Dr. Alex Redcay, Social Work

    Larger numbers of college students are facing food and housing insecurity, while also purchasing expensive textbooks that aren’t fully used to support learning in classroom. In this session, presenters Nicole Pfannenstiel and Alex Redcay discuss remixing OER resources, meshing multiple OER textbooks, and using journal articles from the discipline to support student learning, and equity of access to course materials. This session emphasizes starting with learning goals to build course learning experiences for students with a combination of resources, not just one OER textbook.

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    oers? What does the research say?- Presented by: Dr. Ollie Dreon

    This session will examine the published research on Open Educational Research and its impact on student success. The session will also outline the research on faculty adoption of OERs and potential obstacles that have emerged.

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    Expanding OER with Open Pedagogy - Presented by: Jill Hallam-Miller

    This session will provide an overview of open pedagogy, which utilizes the open licensing feature of OER to facilitate enhanced student engagement with course content. Includes practical applications you can try this semester.

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    Student advocacy for oer- Presented by: Megan Donnelly

    This session will suggest methods to promote student advocacy for OER informed by learner-centered and critical pedagogies.

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    Adopting OER - How Does Adoption Influence Future Practices?- Presented by: Dr. Dan Albert & Dr. Alex Redcay

    This session will provide perspectives from social work and chemistry faculty who have used OER in their classes.  Alex Redcay and Dan Albert will discuss their experiences in adopting and using OER in the classroom and how the use of OER in one course is influencing their current and future practices.  

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    School of FLOSS - Free/Libre and Open Source Software in k12- Presented by: Charlie Reisinger

    Learn about a one-to-one Linux laptop program as well as the free/open software tools used in the classroom

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  • Recordings from Open Education Week 2018

    Adopting an Open Access Textbook - Dr. Daniel Albert, Dr. Aaron Haines & Dr. Chris Stieha

    Changing from using a traditional textbook in a course to an open access textbook can seem like a difficult transition. In this webinar session, Millersville University chemistry and biology faculty will discuss their experiences and provide guidance for adopting open access textbooks.

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    Finding Open Educational Resources - Dr. Ollie Dreon

    This session provides an overview of several popular online libraries and clearinghouses that support searching for quality Open Educational Resources.

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    Open Access Journal: An Interview - Dr. Greg Seigworth

    This interview session discusses the value of Open Access Journals to scholars and students.

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    Building OERs - Prof. Greg Szczyrbak & Dr. Chris Stieha

    As educators, we develop materials for our courses and workshops. In this session, we talk about making these resources available to other educators and our experiences with this process.

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    Reading with OER/Digital Materials - Dr. Nicole Pfannenstiel

    This session helps educators and readers develop strategies for connecting digital reading with background knowledge. 

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    Creative Commons Licensing & Copyright - Prof. Krista Higham

    Wondering how Open Educational Resources are licensed? This session covers the basics of Creative Commons and how it relates to copyright laws.

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    Free/Libre and Open-Source Software (FLOSS): Alternatives to Proprietary Software - Dr. Chris Stieha

    We use the computer for a range of activities, from browsing the Internet and preparing documents to scientific computing and manipulating images and audio. Many of these activities can be accomplished using software that is both free to download and free to modify and distribute. In this webinar, I will show how to find FLOSS alternatives to proprietary software and give examples of various tasks and the FLOSS alternatives that can be used to complete these tasks.

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