Faculty Learning Communities

FLC Fall 2023

The Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) strives to offer programming that supports faculty designing and developing student-centered learning environments. In Fall 2023, the CAE will host two (2) Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) - faculty book reading groups designed to support deep pedagogical learning with reflection. This semester, participants in the FLCs will be asked to actively participate in discussion of the book, and complete reflective surveys after meetings considering and discussing how the content informs their pedagogical design of teaching and learning spaces.  


  • Engage with discussion about pedagogical approaches to support student learning, and faculty pedagogical growth   
  • Reflect on pedagogical approaches 
  • Apply or revise pedagogical approaches to support student learning


Books will be provided to all registered participants. 

  • Participants will meet to explore, discuss, and reflect on their pedagogical approaches and the content of the book. 
    • Fall 2023: Thriving in Academia 
    • Fall 2023: Midcourse correction for the college classroom  
  • Participants will complete a post-meeting survey, reflecting on their use of the ideas presented in the book.  


  • Facilitators will select the meeting dates, times, and locations. The CAE offers the Lyle 141 conference space for all meetings and giving priority to FLC programming within the space.  
  • Facilitators will facilitate meeting discussions, helping faculty work through and use the book content to meet diverse teaching and learning needs. 
  • Facilitators will report meeting attendance to the CAE. 
  • Facilitators will complete a post-meeting survey, reflecting on their session and the needs of participants.