Open Education

What is Open Education?

It is a movement where educators provide learning materials openly and without cost to students. This gives students the opportunity to learn without the burden of debt and gives everyone equal access to education. Click the links below to find out how Millersville University is involved with this movement!

Spotlight on Open Educational Resources

Drs. Ollie Dreon and Nicole Pfannenstiel Guest Co-Edited two special issues of Academic Leader "Spotlight on Open Educational Resources". These special issues highlight and celebrate the Open Educational Resource (OER) endeavors of Millersville faculty in supporting student learning while saving students money. These special issues were made possible through the tireless efforts of OER Working Group members. The articles are published through Academic Leader: 
Part 1
  • "Adopting Open: Promoting Faculty Interest" by Drs. Ollie Dreon, Chris Stieha, and Alex Redcay
  • "Stronger Together: Building Cross-Campus Partnerships" by Dr. Stephanie Pennucci and Mr. Matthew Fox
  • "Fostering Innovation with a Hands-Off Approach" by Drs. Ollie Dreon, Alex Redcay, and James Delle
  • "Supporting and Understanding Open Scholarship" by Drs. Nicole Pfannenstiel, Stephanie Pennucci, and Ms. Krista Higham
Part 2
  • "Don't Sacrifice the Good for the Perfect: Focusing on OER versus Zero Textbook Cost" by Drs. Dan Albert and Nicole Pfannenstiel
  • "Managing the Message: Communicating Innovation with Diverse Stakeholders" by Drs. Ollie Dreon, Stephanie Pennucci, and Ms. Kimberly Auger
  • "Challenges of Tracking Adoption and Impact: Discussion of Cost and Academic Data Management" by Drs. Nicole Pfannenstiel, Alex Redcay, and Ms. Krista Higham
  • "Mentoring Adopters for Curricular Change by Creating Community" by Drs. Chris Stieha, Stephanie Pennucci, Ollie Dreon, and Mr. Matthew Fox

Open Textbook Initiative

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Open Education Working Group

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Open Education Week

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