Summer 2023 Inclusive Teaching Practices

Call for Participants

The Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) invites all faculty (pre-tenure, tenure, and part-time) to collaborate in an Inclusive Teaching Practices publication. We will be publishing this editor-reviewed collection as an Open Educational Resource (OER). 

To explore how the Inclusion Statement, DEI efforts, and Inclusive Teaching Mindset (from Inclusive Teaching and Pedagogy+ 2023) exists within the pedagogies and classrooms of Millersville University faculty, Drs. A Nicole Pfannenstiel, Emily Baldys, Jess Hughes, Ann Marie Licata, and Karen Rice invite chapter contributions from faculty at Millersville University. We invite faculty to share and publish a classroom/learning space lesson plan or activity that centers inclusive teaching mindset, DEI efforts, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Chapters will be template formatted to support cohesion within the publication, templates will be provided to participating faculty members.  

To accomplish this, we invite faculty to register to participate in Pedagogy+ and Spring 2023 workshops. Pedagogy+ Winter 2023 will introduce faculty contributors to the inclusive teaching mindset at the heart of our OER publication. Spring 2023 workshops will further the conversation and support faculty writing efforts so we can publish the work late Summer 2023.  

Faculty will be compensated with $1,000 summer stipend upon successful publication and completion of all deliverables. 


  • Engage through discussions about pedagogical approaches to facilitating inclusive teaching practices that meet learner needs at Pedagogy+ 2023 and through Spring 2023 FLC meetings.  
  • Engage through discussion about pedagogical approaches to support student learning, and faculty pedagogical growth at Pedagogy+ 2023 and through Spring 2023 FLC meetings..   
  • Write about pedagogical approach to support student learning and engagement using an Inclusive Practices lens. 
  • Contribute a chapter to the Open Educational Resource on Inclusive Teaching 


Faculty will receive a copy of the book Inclusive Teaching 

Faculty will attend 3-6 sessions of Pedagogy+ to explore inclusive teaching mindset.  

Faculty will attend 2+ Spring 2023 FLC workshops and/or writing workshops. 

  • Faculty will submit a report on their chapter to help the book editors develop the entire work. Chapter report due March 30th, 2023.  

Faculty will contribute 1 chapter to the Millersville OER publication on Inclusive Teaching. 

  • Chapter structure will be shared with faculty contributors in February 2023. 
  • Chapters are due for Editor Review by May 1st, 2023.  
  • Chapter revisions are due June 30th, 2023.  
  • Book expected to be published July-August 2023.  

Faculty who complete all appropriate steps and contribute a chapter will earn $1,000 summer stipend. 

  • Multi-authored chapters are allowed, summer stipend will be shared. 


Register for Pedagogy+ and Nicole will reach out to you! 

Inclusive Practices Book Editors and Mentors

  • Dr. A Nicole Pfannenstiel, Associate Professor, English & World Languages, Coordinator of the Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence 
  • Dr. Emily Baldys, Assistant Professor, English & World Languages, Co-Facilitator of the CAE Inclusive Practices series 
  • Dr. Jess Hughes, Assistant Professor, Communication & Theatre, Co-Facilitator of the CAE Inclusive Practices series 
  • Dr. Ann Marie Licata, Assistant Professor, Ed Foundations 
  • Dr. Karen Rice, Professor, Social Work, Faculty Fellow for the Office of Diversity and Social Justice