Types of Programs

Types of Programs

The Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) offers a variety of Professional Development Sessions, Instructional Technology Workshops and Sessions, Faculty Learning Communities, Pedagogy+ workshops, Pre-Tenure sessions, Faculty Fellows grant programs, CAE Professional Development Sessions, CAE Teaching & Innovative Education sessions, CAE Accessibility sessions, and CAE Inclusive Practices sessions. The CAE also facilitates special events, such as the Promotion and Tenure panel, the Assessment Luncheon, and the Spring Colloquium. These faculty-centered events and sessions are designed to support faculty building student-centered, engaging learning environments, growing as teachers and scholars, and growing in their professional career here at Millersville University. Suggestions for new topics and presenters are always welcomed. Please contact Dr. A Nicole Pfannenstiel if you have any recommendations.

Plan to attend the CAE events this semester! 

Vilas A. Prabhu CAE Professional Development Sessions

Brown Bag

The Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence hosts professional development sessions on a variety of topics across the teaching-learning scholarship spectrum. 

These sessions are led by the Coordinator and faculty across campus. Faculty are invited to join their colleagues in the Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence Conference room (Lyle 141) and/or virtually in zoom to participate in a discussion about a topic of interest. These discussions may focus on general topics such as curriculum approval processes, learner-centered teaching, or grant opportunities. At other times, one or more faculty members may be invited to lead the discussion about a topic that may be controversial or cutting edge. We make every effort to invite discussion leaders who represent various viewpoints, including content experts, those with opposing viewpoints, and even faculty who are just beginning to examine the topic. The conversations at Brown Bag Discussions are informal, dynamic, and informative. This is a great way to meet new colleagues and learn about a variety of topics. 

Promotion & Tenure Process Panel Discussion


Once per semester, the Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost, organizes a panel discussion on the promotion and tenure process. Faculty members who are interested in applying for promotion to associate or full professor are highly encouraged to attend these sessions to gather important information and recommendations for improving their application. The panel members represent many different viewpoints on the promotion process and session participants can develop a better understanding of how to prepare for this important review. A typical panel will include the Provost, a Dean, a Department Chairperson, an APSCUF representative, a member of the University Promotion & Tenure Committee, and 1-2 faculty members who were recently promoted.

Vilas A. Prabhu CAE Inclusive Practices and Accessibility series

The Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence, in collaboration with faculty and staff on campus, offer both CAE Inclusive Practices and CAE Accessibility sessions focused on using technology to meet the needs of learners in classrooms. Both sessions bring universal design for learning, accessibility, and diversity, equity and inclusion lenses to important teaching and learning topics. 

Pedagogy+, Advance Workshops, and Faculty Fellows

The Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence, in collaboration with the Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Instructional & Technology Support (I&TS) Instructional Design, to build workshops focused on connecting faculty with pedagogical development and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research. These workshops and grant programs support course transformations, learning research, and publication of our important work as teachers.