Open Textbook Initiative Awardees 2019-2020

During Spring 2019 the OER Working Group worked with 16 faculty members as part of the inaugural Open Textbook Initiative. During Spring 2019 and Summer 2019 faculty members redesigned courses to use open and free textbooks and materials.

Open and free textbooks and materials were adopted in courses offered Summer 2019 and Fall 2019. Currently, we estimate these faculty saved approximately 902 students around $87,600 in textbook costs Fall 2019.

The OER Working Group has enjoyed working with and applauds the efforts of these faculty members in redesigning courses to meet student learning needs, while also working to reduce student costs.

Dr. Emily Baldys, English

Dr. Shawn P. Gallagher, Psychology

Dr. Aileen Hower, Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education

Dr. Jess Hughes, Communication and Theatre

Dr. Stacey Irwin, Communication and Theatre

Dr. Lauren Kaiser, Psychology

Dr. John Kaiser Ortiz, Philosophy

Dr. Heather Lehman, Biology

Professor Heidi Leitzke, Art and Design

Dr. Rich Mehrenberg, Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education

Dr. Jason Petula, Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education

Dr. Beth Powers, Early, Middle, and Exceptional Education

Dr. Laura Ramos-Sepulveda, Biology

Dr. Karena Rush, Psychology

Dr. Rob Spicer, Communication and Theatre

Dr. Lowery Woodall, Communication and Theatre