Camp IDEA (2011-2019)

What was Camp IDEA?


Camp IDEA - Innovative Digital Education & Assessment - was a one-week professional development workshop for faculty interested in incorporating more digital components in their face-to-face, blended or online classes. The goal of Camp IDEA was to develop or strengthen participants’ foundational understanding of pedagogy in support of learner-centered instruction in online environments. Led by a multi-disciplinary instructional team, Camp activities introduced participants to a multitude of technological tools and resources, while simultaneously examining the theory and best pedagogical practices of a variety of instruction situations.

Since its initial offering in May 2011, more than 120 faculty members participated in Camp IDEA!


Camp IDEA Team

  • Design purposeful course navigation and communicate that design to your students.

  • Build a Course Overview and Introduction which clearly outlines your participation, communication, rigor and assignment expectations of students.

  • Identify student focused measurable learning objectives.

  • Identify, create and explain instructional materials that enable student attainment of learning objectives.

  • Choose assessment instruments that are sequenced, varied and provide authentic measures of student development.

  • Integrate current technologies that enhance instruction and student development into your courses.

  • Identify and articulate learning supports you need to provide your students in an online environment.

  • Design and monitor multiple interactive pathways for communication in your online environments. 

Camp IDEA throughout the years

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