Guidelines for Student Organization Operations and Events

As of 05.12.2021

The Department of Campus Life has developed guidelines for SGA-Recognized Student Organizations during COVID-19.  Each recognized student organization (temporary and/or permanent) should embrace these guidelines out of respect and care for one another in order to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our community.  

To ensure the health and safety of individuals and the collective Millersville University community, SGA-Recognized Student Organization operations and activities will continue to operate with strict parameters during the Summer Sessions and  Fall 2021 semester. These are the established guidelines and expectations. 

We are confident that individuals, and student organizations following these guidelines, we will do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, while providing engagement opportunities for our campus community.  

*This is a living document and will be updated frequently.

Click here to download PDF version of guidelines.

  • Student Organization Operations and Events
    General Registration Information:
    • In order to begin hosting events/meetings, organizations must submit the online
      registration portion of the “Activate Your Org” Process.
    • If student organizations have submitted the online registration portion of the 2021-2022
      Activate Your Org process, by June 1st 2021, then these student organizations can reserve
      space for summer 2021, fall 2021, and spring 2022.
    • June 1, 2021 is the deadline to submit your online registration portion of the 2021-2022
      Activate Your Org process if you wish to meet, host a retreat, or co-sponsor a program
      with a department (virtually or in-person) during the summer of 2021.
    • Campus Life will be hosting summer engagement opportunities and programs. If you
      student org is interested in co-sponsoring or assisting with a Campus Life event, please
      reach out to
    • Student Memorial Center summer hours can be found on their website.
    • Student organizations with offices in the SMC are allowed access to their office only
      during the SMC’s summer hours, and after submitting the key list to
    • Until further notice, student organizations must register all meetings and activities
      (virtual and in-person) via Get Involved Event Registration process
    • All meetings and events (both virtual and in-person) must be submitted in Get Involved at
      least one week prior to your meeting or event.
    • Student organizations should still submit all events (in person and virtual) through Get
      Involved. Members of Environmental Health & Safety, Pat Weidinger and Gail Fellows,
      will also review the events through a Health & Safety lens. Gail’s approval is needed
      before Campus Life will approve your in-person event through Get Involved.
    • If the space that you want is reservable through Ad Astra, please reserve the space in Ad
      Astra before registering the event on Get Involved.
    • First day to program for summer 2021: Tuesday, June 1, 2021
    • Last day to program for summer 2021: Wednesday, August 18, 2021
    • First day to program for fall 2021: Monday, August 23, 2021

    Suspended Events/Activities for Summer 2021:
    • Events that bring minors to campus.
    • (Indoor/Outdoor) dances, parties, mixers or socials.
    • All in-person events involving non-pre-packed/packaged food (bake sales, spaghetti
    dinners, etc.) - per recommendation of Dining Services.
    • Off Campus events (with the exception of restaurant fundraisers and community service)

    Student Organization meetings are defined as “recurring/repeating membership only gatherings
    where the business of the organization is conducted.”
    For summer 2021, Campus Life recommends hosting all student organization meetings
    and retreats virtually. However, if organizations plan to conduct face-to-face/in person
    meeting or retreat with 10 people or more, the organization must follow the “In-Person”
    Event Guidelines, beginning June 1, 2021.
    • In-person meetings and retreats can take place during summer 2021 if virtual
    meetings/retreats are not an option.


    Tabling opportunities will be very limited during the Summer 2021 sessions. Student Organizations are encouraged to create various virtual promotional information.

    • Tabling inside of the Student Memorial Center is allowed. Tabling reservations can be made through Ad Astra.
    • Tabling inside any other building, aside from the Student Memorial Center, even in the case of inclement weather has been suspended.
    • Student Org Tabling will continue to be permissible outdoors in any of the reservable Student Memorial Center Promenade areas.
    • Items cannot be given or received unless it has been pre-packed. All items must be prepacked by the original vendor.
    • Will be restricted to two host/member(s) and one guest at the table at a time (6-8 feet apart).
    • Table host(s) and guests are required to wear face coverings at all times.
    • Keep a close eye on and limit “crowds” surrounding your table.

    Grab-N-Go Events:

    We understand that some organizations might want to provide passive, “Grab-N-Go" events as
    engagement opportunities for members and students.

    A “Grab-N-Go" is defined as a tabling in-person event where students come to a specific
    location and “grab” pre-packed items.

    •  Grab-n-Go events must follow tabling guidelines above.
    • Grab-N-Go Pick Up Locations/Station can only take place in Student Organization Reservable spaces, unless given permission by Campus Life.
    • For Grab –N-Go events that involve DIY (Do It Yourself) activities, all contents must be in one bag and instructions must be provided.
    • Grab-No-Go events are limited to 200 students in attendance.

    Student Organization Advisor Guidance:

    During the COVID-19 Pandemic and until further notice, the Department of Campus Life has created new guidelines for University Employees who are serving in a volunteer capacity as the advisor to an SGA-Recognized Student Organization:

    • Student organization advisors should highly encourage the group and members to follow the guidance of the University and the State of Pennsylvania Health Department
      regarding the prevention of spread of COVID-19.
    • Encourage student members to be conscientious of the parameters of physical distancing and avoiding high risk activities and environments.
    • Face coverings are required while on campus
    • Help students make thoughtful decisions about how the organization plans to operate during COVID-19 Pandemic and within a remote/virtual learning environment

  • Specific Guidelines for In-Person Events and Activities

    Specific Guidelines for In-Person Events and Activities of SGA-Recognized Student
    Organizations beginning February 22, 2021

    The following guidelines for Student Organization In-person events and activities have been
    determined to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. These guidelines will apply to
    all in-person events, held/hosted by SGA-Recognized Student Organizations until further notice.

    Student Organization In-person events are only permitted if Lancaster County is in the
    “Green Phase” of reopening, as designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    An In-person event is defined as any planned or spontaneous gathering, indoors or outdoors,
    where any portion of the event will be held on property owned or controlled by Millersville
    University, and with an attendance of 10 or more people.

    Examples of in-person events include but are not limited to a student organization: hosting
    meetings, trainings, performances, celebrations, rallies, demonstrations, social gatherings,
    lectures, forums, speaker presentations, conferences, or recreational or sporting events.

    Effective June 1, 2021 and until further notice, it is recommended (no longer required) that student organizations wishing to hold/host in-person events/activities, have the organization’s on-campus (university faculty/staff member) advisor in attendance.

    Student Organizations hosting an event must follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and
    Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH) guidance for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

    The event host(s) must also agree to monitor public health indicators, adjust orders and
    restrictions. Either the Department of Campus Life or the event host(s) may cancel if the newest
    information advises them to do so.

    All SGA-Recognized Student Organizations must comply with the following guidelines for
    planning/hosting an in-person event:

    Please note: No SGA- Recognized Student Organization in-person event can take place off
    campus. For student organizations who work closely with university departments,
    departments will need to sponsor the organization in order for it to take place in any
    location that is not listed below.

    **Depending on the event/activity, additional social distancing measures could be required.**

    A. In-Person Event Location Restrictions: SGA recognized student organizations will
    only be able to host in-person events in the following locations:

         a. Student Memorial Center (indoor and outdoor)
                   i. SMC 18, 24, 118, Reighard Multipurpose Room, 202, 203, 204
                       Promenade 1, 2, 3
                  ii. Click here to view the SMC COVID Occupancy
                  iii. All indoor social gatherings, regardless of venue, may not exceed 25
                       people in attendance
                  iv. Masks must be worn at all times
                  v. Students/Student Organizations must disinfect before and after with
                      sanitation station supplies

        b. Academic Buildings/Performance Spaces
                  i. Bassler Hall Control Room and Studio
                            1. Contact Department of Communication & Theatre Communication Equipment                                    Room (CER) to reserve.                            
                           2. Student organization's COVID guidelines and protocols will be overseen and                                     approved directly by the department.
                           3. Student organizations will be responsible for creating and
                               following their own COVID-19 guidelines and protocols which must align with all                              CDC, University, Campus Life and Communication Equipment Room (CER)                                        guidelines.
                ii. Dutcher Hall
                          1. Contact Department of Communication & Theatre to reserve
                          2. Student organizations will be responsible for creating and following their own                                    COVID-19 guidelines and protocols which must allign with all CDC, University, and                            Campus Life guidelines.
                          3. Student organizations COVID guidelines and protocols will be overseen and                                      approved directly by the department.
             iii. McComsey Hall (260/Myers Auditorium)
                         1. Myers Auditorium is available for booking via Astra.
             iv. Winter Visual & Performing Arts (VPAC) & Tell School of Music
                         1. Music-related student organization only
                         2. Meetings will need to be held virtually via zoom
                         3. Reserve space through event submission process (Get Involved)

       c. Recreational Areas (Operated by Campus Recreation)
    In order to request space for Campus Recreational Areas please complete the Event
    Submission Form on Get Involved to start the request. Allison Yarrow will review your
    event request from there. All events in the SMC Rec Center will require each participant
    to have a verified Rec app account to check in at the SMC Rec
    Center. Campus Recreation does rent out equipment for various sport and recreation
                     i. Marauder Courts/MAC
                    ii. SMC Dance Studio
                   iii. Brooks Field/Tennis Courts
                   iv. McComsey Basketball/Tennis Courts
                    v. Pucillo Gym/Fields
                   vi. Quad
                  vii. Stadium/Track
                 viii. Others spaces in SMC Recreational Area (as determined by Campus Recreation)

    Student Organization must adhere to the proper reservation protocol to reserve space for inperson events.

    Student organizations should still submit all events (in person and virtual) through Get Involved.
    In addition, Gail Fellows of Millersville University Environmental Health & Safety will alsonreview the in-person events. Gail’s approval is needed before we will approve your in-person event through Get Involved.

    B. Indoor-Events Capacity/Occupancy: In-person events indoor must adhere to the
    relevant capacity limitations of the facility or venue. An indoor in-person event may not
    exceed 25 persons, regardless of the facility or venue occupancy. The 25-person limit
    includes guests, event host(s), and staff or volunteers working the event.

    C. Outdoor-Event Capacity/Occupancy: The maximum number of participants at any
    given meeting or event will be determined through the reservations process by a
    combination of:
           a. University Guidelines
           b. Laws, ordinances, and recommendations by government and public health officials
           c. The size of the space/room/venue allowing for physical distancing as determined by the                     venue
          d. The ability of participants to comply with University guidance related to physical distancing                and the protection of personal space

    Regardless of the considerations above, no more than 75 people may be in attendance at
    any student organization event at any given time that is in-person and outdoors regardless of location. The outdoor capacity limit includes guests, event hosts(s), and staff or volunteers working the event. Additionally, the Department of Campus Life and/or facility managers may impose additional attendance limits on individual events based on the nature of the activity.

    D. Guests: Guests will not be permitted at student organization events until further
    notice. Guests are defined as any person who is not a current Millersville University
    student, faculty member, or staff member.
            a. Organizations whose members are students at surrounding universities must inform the                    Department of Campus Life when those members who are non-MU students are on campus              for in-person events.

    E. Food & Beverage: All food and beverage at events must be provided and distributed by
    Dining/Catering. Host or guest prepared food or beverages is prohibited (i.e. potlucks,
    bake sales). All in-person events who sole purpose is to sell food are prohibited (i.e. bake
    sales, spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfast or delivery).

    F. Attendance Tracking: Event host(s) must track attendance of all participants and
    maintain record of attendees for a minimum of 14 days. Attendance must include event
    host(s), and those working or volunteering at the event. This information will be utilized
    for contact tracing purposes in compliance with federal and state privacy regulations.
               a. Student Organizations must utilize the Get Involved Platform/CORQ Event Pass to track                    attendance.

    G. Signage: If the facility or venue does not have signage posted to promote social distancing and properly wearing a face mask covering, event host(s) must provide and post signs in highly visible locations at the event (i.e. entrances, restrooms).

    H. Social Distancing: Event host(s), workers/volunteers, and attendees must always remain 6-8 feet apart, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners.

    I. Face Covering: Event host(s), workers/volunteers, and attendees must wear face mask coverings in accordance with CDC recommendations, PA Department of Health, and Millersville University. Face mask coverings should be provided to event attendees.

    J. Notification to guests: At the beginning of the event, a COVID-19 Safety statement must be read (Appendix). The statement will be sent to all the student organizations once the event has been approved through the GetInvolved Process.

    K. Hand Sanitizer: If the facility or venue does not provide hand sanitizer, event host(s) must provide their own hand sanitizers at the point of entry and exit to the event.

    COVID-19 Additions to the Event Submission Form on Get Involved
    There were COVID-19 updates to the event submission process in Get Involved over the fall
    2020 semester and Campus Life wants to draw attention to those changes. In the event
    submission form, we ask you to answer the following:
    • Describe ALL specific activities and programming taking place during the event
    including, but not limited to, food, venue layout, time-frame of events/activities,
    participant information, what drills are you doing, etc. (Providing thorough details
    will help expedite the approval process)
    • If your meeting/event is in person, describe COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures
    for the Event (To include but not limited to: Health Screenings, Face Masks, Social
    Distancing, Attendance Logs for Contact Tracing, Handling of Items, Compliance
    Monitoring) If your event is virtual, just write "N/A" in the box below.
    • Student organization advisor(s)/stand-in-delegate(s): (Identify the individual responsible
    for ensuring the university's COVID-19 health & safety practices are followed throughout
    the duration of the event/activities and who will be maintaining the attendance logs. This
    person can be an advisor or a student leader
    • Do you need COVID supplies for your in-person event? If so, please select all the
    supplies that you need along with how many of each below the item.
        o COVID-19 signage
        o social distancing dots
        o hand sanitizer
        o disposable masks
        o wristbands
        o No, we will provide our own supplies. Thanks anyway.

    Advisor Guidance/ Attendance Requirement
    Student organization advisors should enforce the University and the State of Pennsylvania
    guidance regarding the prevention of spread of COVID-19.
    A. SGA-Recognized Student Organizations are encouraged to have their advisor on record
    attend any in-person meeting/retreat that is open to students beginning June 1, 2021.
    B. If the Advisor on record is not able to attend the in-person event, a student organization
    leader may serve as a stand-in-delegate to ensure all COVID protocol are followed.

    A. Student Organizations who violate these guidelines will be instructed by the responsible official or their designee to cease and desist. Responsible officials include: University Adviser, University Police, Environmental Health and Safety, Facility or Venue Manager, Campus Life staff, and/or Vice President and/or Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

    B. Student Organizations who violate these guidelines, will be in direct violation of the Student Code of Conduct and the Good Steward Policy. The student organization will not be permitted to reserve any facility on campus for the remainder of the semester and will be frozen (inactive). All scheduled reservations by the violating student organizations will be cancelled.

  • Student Organization Travel

    Given the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 spread and the inherent risks associated with traveling, student organizations travel outside of Lancaster County will not be permitted during summer 2021. This includes all student organization trips, conferences, and competitions, regardless of how the travel is being funded. 

    Please noteIf individual student organization members travel, they cannot travel under the organization’s name. The university will not be liable for anything that may occur during travel that occurs against these guidelines 

  • Student Orgs with Inter/National Affiliation & Membership/ Fraternities/Sororities

    A. Clubs and organizations that have membership with a coordinating Executive or Headquarters Office are expected to observe the requirements of those organizations as it relates to meetings, activities, and events.

    B. If there is a difference in requirements, organizations are expected to observe the most stringent requirements or guidance received regarding meetings, activities, and events.

    C. Fraternity and Sorority chapters will have recommendations for operations to be released and enforced by the Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, within the Department of Campus Life.  

  • Sports and Leisure -Related Student Organizations

    Regardless of League Affiliation decisions, Sports and Leisure Related Student Organizations must adhere to the guidelines and operations set forth by the Department of Campus Recreation.