Networking And Resources


Professional Networks are contacts that you develop with individuals who are successful in your targeted career field.  These contacts may help you learn more about various career options available in your field; strategies to successfully market yourself to potential employers; and identify advertised and unadvertised job openings.  

To develop a list of potential contacts you want to identify what it is that you want to gain from this connection.  Do you want to learn more about a specific career field?  Are you interested in learning more about a specific position?  Do you want to know how to best market yourself to potential employers? 


After you know what you want from your professional network, you will need to create a 30 second introduction that clearly states who you are and what your goals from this conversation. 

Brief statement that addresses:

  • Your objective
  • Your strengths
  • Your experiences
  • You need to relate your interests/qualifications to the needs of the company
  • Include questions you have for the employer