Salary And Negotiation

Salary and Negotiation

You have successfully completed your site visit, the employer feels you will be the right fit for the organization and is ready to make you an offer.  Before you accept, you will want to evaluate the job offer to make certain the position and compensation package meets your career and financial needs. 

When evaluating an offer you will want to make certain the offer is in writing.  A written offer can clear up any misunderstanding you may have heard in the verbal offer.  Verbal offers are not binding.

Interested in learning how to negotiate a salary?  The American Association of University Women developed this  free self-paced online salary negotiation training.

Evaluating a job offer:

What evaluating the salary is it inline with the area? Salary information websites:

The benefit package is an important consideration when considering the job offer.  Things to consider when reviewing the benefit package:

  • Health insurance; what type of insurance plans offered and what is the co-payment.
  • What is the policy for adding family/partners on your health insurance plan
  • Vacation time; how does vacation accrues, when are you eligible, do you need to use it in a calendar year or lose it?
  • What is the sick leave policy? Is sick time considered personal time or sick leave, can you accurse sick live or do you lose it at the end of the year if not used?
  • Does the company offer flextime and comp-time?
  • What is the maternity/paternity leave policy
  • Are there educational opportunities; what are the policies for taking advantage of the educational benefits?

When considering the monetary compensation remember to also include any signing bonuses, relocation/moving allowance, incentive based compensation, profit sharing and equity or stock options.


Examples: How to handle the salary question: