Request & Report/Registration Process

Steps to Request Internship Approval and Registration

Login to Handshake with your Millersville credentials and then select Career Center - Experiences - Submit an Experience.

There are two steps in the process which must be completed in Handshake.

  • Step1:   Major/Minor Department Approval of Request 
  • Step 2:  Report/Registration of Internship 

Step 1: Major/Minor Department Approval of Request  (click here for instructions)
In this step you are requesting the department's approval of your eligibility to move forward with a credit-bearing internship.  Before completing this step, we encourage you to have a conversation with your internship coordinator about how internship credits will fit into your academic program. 

Select Step 1: Major/Minor Department Approval of Request from the drop-down options in Handshake Experiences.  Please complete the required fields. If you have not yet secured an internship, enter "TBD" for Employer and Job Title.  If you are unsure how to complete a field, enter "N/A".  You will also review the Policies and Procedures of Millersville University's For-credit Internship Program.  You will need to enter your department internship coordinator as the approver.  Your request will be sent to the department internship coordinator for approval in order for you to proceed with the internship search or the report/registration process.

How to Conduct your Internship Search 
Use the targeted search tools in Handshake or Careershift by logging in with your Millersville credentials to search for internships.  Use our Resume Writing Guide to create or update your résumé. You may also use the Searching for Internships webpage for links to external job boards or schedule an Internship Seeking appointment with a staff member. Submit applications and employers will contact you directly to schedule an interview.  Employers may conduct in-person, phone, or virtual interviews

If you have already found and accepted an internship on your own, the organization must be an established, legitimate business or non‐profit organization, as evidenced by having a physical location, website, history of offering paid employment, listed telephone number, and tax ID number.  Internships may not be in an in-home business and international internships must first be approved through International Programs and Services (IPS). 

Once you have secured an internship and have all the pertinent internship information (employer name, address, phone number, website URL, supervisor name, email address, phone number, start and end dates, internship title, job description which includes specific tasks you will be completing aligned to your major/minor, hours/week and pay rate) please complete Step 2: Report/Registration of Internship.

Step 2: Report/Registration of Internship
(click here for instructions)
In this step you will provide specific details about your internship for approval by your academic department.  Select Step 2: Report/Registration of Internship.  Complete all required fields, review the Expectations for Professional and Ethical Conduct for Millersville University Interns and the Internship Agreement - Academic Requirements.  You will need to enter your department internship coordinator to start the approval process.  

Once the form receives all the appropriate signatures, The Career Center will process your registration and your internship course will be added to your academic record and degree audit.


Once your Internship is Registered, you will then be contacted by The Career Center to attend a  10-15 minute orientation session.  These sessions are very important for you to attend as we will review all the academic requirements, deadline dates, policies and professional/ethical conduct for Millersville University.  

Internship for academic-credit require students to pay tuition as they would for any other credit-bearing course. 

NOTE: If you previously completed a credit-bearing internship and you want to receive credit for a second internship, you must complete Step 2:  Report/Registration of Internship in Handshake.  If your internship is at the same organization, your job description will need to reflect an increase in responsibilities or different responsibilities.  Once approved, you must attend another orientation session, in order to receive academic credit.