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Requesting Student Volunteers

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We can help meet your needs for bright, creative and energetic student volunteers.  Use Handshake, our comprehensive recruiting platform, to post your volunteer opportunities, connect with Millersville University students, and register for volunteer fairs. 

If you are interested in hiring student volunteers funded through the Federal College Work Study Program, please also complete the College Work Study Community Service Learning Agreement and mail a signed copy to the Office of Financial Aid, Millersville University, PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551. 

Click here for information about the Federal College Work Study program at Millersville University.

What is...

Service-learning: When students provide service directly related to the course and the professor has assigned reflections that help the student make the connection between learning objectives and the service experience. Students may only be available for the specific time the professor requires. Relationships with faculty may result in an on-going relationship that will meet long term needs for your organization. The students will have the accountability of this being an academic experience that may be a required part of the course, in lieu of a paper or extra credit.

Community Service: When a student or student organization chooses to spend some of their free time helping the community. Some students may be looking for a long term experience while others may need to work on a short term or one time service project.

Federal College Work-Study: Students eligible to be paid with federal work study funds to work with a public-serving, community nonprofit organization as part of their financial aid package.  Please refer to the Office of Financial Aid for eligibility requirements.

Internships:  Students in Millersville University’s credit-bearing internship program earn academic credits for their internship, a benefit for you, because it provides additional accountability. This also means that the student must complete some minimum requirements in order to earn those credits.  A credit-bearing internship experience requires the work be related to the student's major or minor field of study and extends over a period of 12 - 15 weeks; for a minimum of 10 to 30 hours per week; for a total of 120 to 225 hours per semester.  For more information, please refer to The Career Center's webpage