Interviewing Basics

The interview is your opportunity to demonstrate certain skills, such as your verbal communication skills, that may not be communicated through your resume. Practicing your interview responses ahead of time will help you to appear polished and composed. Be sure to also focus on having appropriate body language, a friendly demeanor, good eye contact, and a firm handshake, all of which convey a message about your professionalism. Often, employers will ask if you have any questions for them, so it is helpful to have some questions prepared which express your interest and enthusiasm. After the interview, be sure to evaluate your performance and send thank you notes (email is acceptable) to everyone who participated in the process.  

How to Ace Your Face-to-Face!

The Biggest Interview Mistakes

In Person Interviewing Tips

Phone Interviews


 Phone Interviews

Dress For Success


Women's Business Formal Vs. Casual

Men's Business Formal Vs. Casual

 Dress for Success