Job Search Videos

Job Search Videos

Starting Your Job Search

Advice on how to utilize the Career center and find tips that will help you land your "Dream Job."

Social Media & Job Search

Social media is reshaping the way we search for employment, here are a few videos to help you better navigate this ever changing medium.

Resumes & Cover Letters

If your resume does not impact interest within 15 to 20 seconds it is not an effective resume. Make sure your resume stands out.

Networking & Your Personal Brand

WHO you know is just as crucial as WHAT you know.

Interview Dress

Dress for Success.

The Interview - BEFORE

Tips on how to differentiate yourself from others interviewing for the same position.

The Interview - DURING

Advice on what to say, what NOT to say, and how to best represent you during the interview process.

The Interview - AFTER

Steps to take in order to improve your chances of receiving a job offer.

Salary and Negotiation

How and when to discuss the difficult topic of salary, and how to handle receiving more than one job offer.