Compliance Training

Mandatory Programming

Faculty, staff and student employees of Millersville University are required to complete (6) online compliance training programs upon hire.  These courses, listed below, are deployed via email by our vendor, Get Inclusive, and completion of the requirement is monitored by the Office of Human Resources as well as your supervisor.  Additional departments may require training as deemed necessary (Safety, Information Technology Security, etc.).

  • Child Abuse Prevention | Protecting Minors
  • DEI for the Workplace (2021) - Higher Education
  • DEI Unconscious Bias
  • Groundswell 2.0 and Meridians - Harassment & Discrimination + Title IX Training (Supervisor/Non-Supervisor)
  • Nexus | Records and Responsibilities (FERPA)
  • Tapestry | Accommodating Abilities

Please Note: Reassignment of the Groundswell 2.0 and Meridians - Harassment & Discrimination + Title IX Training (Supervisor/Non-Supervisor) course will occur every 365 days from the previous assignment date.  The Child Abuse Prevention | Protecting Minors course will be reassigned every 5 years.  The remaining courses are required once in an employment period.

Student employees who complete the all-student Get Inclusive assignments (DEI for Students and Voices for Change) may be exempted from completing these modules:
a. Diversity and Inclusion EDU
b. Managing Bias
c. Accommodating Abilities
To be exempted, student employees must contact Wendy Bowersox at to request verification of the all-student assignment completion and unassignment of student employee requirements.

 important information

  • Access to the portal is provided via email notification of training assignment.  It can also be opened by visiting and entering your MU login credentials if you are not already logged in on your device.
  • All online course text is available in Spanish.  To choose Spanish, select the toggle button near the word "EXIT" at the top right of the screen and select "Espanol".  While video audio remains in English, the transcript for each video may be selected in Spanish.
  • The online courses are self-guided; you may enter, exit and re-enter at the slide you last viewed.
  • If you experience difficulty accessing programs from links provided in the emails you receive, please try another web browser.  The web address for Get Inclusive's platform is
  • When finished, you will see a certificate of completion on the screen.  It is not necessary to forward the certificate to the Office of Human Resources, but you may wish to save a copy of the certificate for your records.
  • Required training must be completed during work hours.

For more information regarding this material or the deadline to complete these actions, please contact Wendy Bowersox, Millersville University Employee Engagement Specialist, at 717-871-4752 or at 

 Voluntary Programming Offered

Faculty and staff members may voluntarily review an online Clery Act message from Millersville University Police Chief Peter Anders by logging into the Millersville University Online Professional Development Center portal at  While this course is not required, all faculty and staff members are encouraged to review this material to further their knowledge of this important topic.  You can review Clery Act annual reports, timely warning history, and more by visiting