Millersville Abroad Programs

The Office of International Programs and Services (IPS) welcomes faculty and staff who are interested in designing and implementing MAPS: Millersville Abroad Programs! Those who have done so commonly state that it is an amazingly rewarding experience and that they enjoy working with students outside of the typical classroom environment. IPS strives to support faculty and staff in their Program Leader roles to prepare for a successful trip.

Read the International Travel Policy for more information. 

Getting Started

Whether you have a detailed program in mind or still in the beginning stages, meet with the Associate Director of Education Abroad & Partnerships to review the Steps to Lead a MAPS Program, review proposal requirements, timeline, and other important information.

Completing a MAPS Proposal can take some Program Leaders (PL) a few hours and others a few months to complete as it depends upon a variety of factors such as if you are planning it yourself, with another colleague, or working with a vendor. IPS prefers to meet with faculty as soon as possible to start the process to ensure there is enough time to prepare a successful program.

Contact Information: 

MAPS Proposal Deadlines:

The following deadlines for MAPS Proposals are set to help ensure enough time can be committed to review and approve proposals, and to allow sufficient time for the marketing and recruitment of participants. 

Program Term Proposal Deadlines Suggested Application Deadlines for Participants
Summer September 20th February 20th
Fall February 20th May 20th
Winter May 20th September 20th
Spring May 20th September 20th

Note: PLs may complete their proposals in advance of the deadlines to allow additional time for marketing and recruitment.