Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that I’m Admitted...

  • What are the next steps now that I am admitted?

    Obtaining a student visa to study at Millersville is the next priority item after being admitted. In order to schedule your appointment, you will need an I-20 document. Some countries have long delays in scheduling a visa appointment, so it is important to provide the necessary documents for our staff to create your I-20.

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  • How do I receive an I-20?

    Please see 'Step 1' of our Admitted Student's Next Steps list for this information.

    We also regularly hold a session on the visa process as part of our Voyage to the 'Ville series

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  • How long does it take to receive an I-20?

    We issue I-20 forms after a student is admitted and confirms their enrollment to Millersville University. This goes out within one business week for students who are coming directly from their home country. If students are transferring from another school in the U.S. (either High School or College), we have to wait until their current school releases them before we can issue the I-20.

    Processing speed times for I-20s can vary based on the time of the year. We appreciate your patience with our office during our peak processing times which occur at the beginning of the Fall and Spring academic terms. 

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  • What do I do after receiving my I-20?

    Schedule your visa appointment with the nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate to your residence. F-1 and J-1 students are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable I-901 SEVIS fee prior to the visa appointment. The fee is payable through the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website. 

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  • What do I bring to my visa interview?

    Make sure to bring:

    • Your signed I-20 or DS-2019
    • Valid passport
    • Admission letter
    • Completed visa application with the required photograph
    • Receipt of the I-901 SEVIS fee
    • Financial documents showing how you will pay for your educational and living expenses for at least one year at Millersville
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  • How do I prepare for my visa interview?

    Be prepared to answer questions related to your major field of study, your choice to attend Millersville University, sources of money for your studies, and your intent to return to your home country after the completion of your studies in the U.S. 

    Let us know in advance what date you obtain for your visa interview. We also suggest you review these visa appointment practice questions.

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  • I’m unable to secure a visa appointment; can your office help?

    Unfortunately, Millersville University is unable to make SEVIS payments on behalf of students or schedule their interview appointments. If you’re unable to find a time before your intake term, we recommend taking the next available appointment and then requesting an emergency appointment.

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  • Where’s the nearest airport?

    It is recommended that students arrive at Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) or Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and then take the train to Lancaster Amtrack Station

    Students will receive communications from once arrival information is confirmed. 

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  • When do I need to arrive on campus?

    International Student Orientation (ISO) will begin prior to the start of your semester. You will receive an email with detailed information on arrival dates. If you have questions, you can email

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  • Who can I reach out to before I'm a student? Once I’m a student on campus?
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  • When do I sign up for classes?

    The answer to this question will differ based on your admission status: 

    • English Language Institute & Conditionally Admitted Students: the International Programs & Services office will enroll you in coursework once you have been tested for level following arrival. Before this time, placeholder coursework will be placed on your record to allow you the option of tuition payment before you leave your home nation. 
    • First-Year Undergraduate Admitted Students: Millersville University places all first-year students into their first-term coursework. Once our office has been notified that you have received your visa, you will be placed in coursework by the Registrar's office based on your intended program of study and course availability. 
    • Transfer Undergradaute Admitted Students: An academic advisor will work with you on finalizing your class schedule once a credit evaluation can be completed by the International Programs & Services office on your previously earned coursework. To do this, you will need to have been awarded your visa (or currectly on active visa atatus) and had your official transcripts received by International Admissions. 
    • Graduate Admitted Students: will work directly with their academic department to register.
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  • I can’t log into MyAccount, what should I do?

    Please keep in mind that until you obtain your F-1 visa or verify your legal status to enroll at Millersville University, there is no need to access your MyAccount. All needed steps and materials can be found on your Admission Status Portal until that time. 

    Once eligible to enroll for your initial term at Millersville, use Step 5 of the 'Admitted Student Next Steps" list to access and troubleshoot your access to your MyAcccount. 

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  • How do I find a job on campus?

    As soon as you are enrolled at Millersville University, you will have access to Handshake, a system that helps you find available positions on campus. You can create your Handshake profile to explore jobs that may be a good fit, based upon your interests. There are many on-campus jobs available, and many international students find a job shortly after arriving on campus.

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  • What can I bring to my room on campus?

    Here you can find a list of approved and non-approved items to consider if bringing if you will be living on the Millersville campus.

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  • What is the “HOLD” I see in my student account after admission?

    All newly admitted international students will have an immigration hold on their account that prevents them from registering for classes. You must check in with International Student and Scholar Services before you are allowed to register for classes. 

    A second hold my be placed on your account if you did not submit official transcripts to Millersville University to obtain an admissions decision. This hold will remain on your account until official transcripts are received. Please see this link for more information on sending official transcripts to Millersville

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  • How can I get around campus?

    You can have a car on campus, but you don't need one to get around. Learn about your transportation options.

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  • How can I get a catalog or class schedule?

    The undergraduate and graduate catalogs are available free online. You can also search for courses.

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  • Does Millersville offer health care and medical insurance for students?
    All Millersville students are required to have health insurance. Access the Health Insurance Form for insurance requirements. 

    No specific insurance plan is required by Millersville University Health Services. Whatever insurance plan you participate in does not affect your eligibility to use the Health Services.

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  • What kind of assistance does the university provide for students with disabilities?

    Yes! Please see this link for more information about the accommodations that Millersville University can provide.

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  • Will my credits transfer?

    Your credits will be evaluated after you are admitted, have sent your official transcripts to International Admissions, and have obtained your visa to study in the US.

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  • When can I apply for scholarships?

    Any financial award(s) for which you qualify were provided to you at the time of your admission on your Financial Cost Sheet. Please access this letter on your status page.

    If you are looking for additional assistance, here are some alternatives for you to explore: 

    Working on Campus 
    Students may work on campus up to 20 hours a week while enrolled in courses with a potential to earn between $1,920 - $9,600 depending on position, hours, and shifts worked. More information can be found here.    

    Installment Payment Plan
    Up to 6-month plan w/ $30 enrollment fee, more information can be found about it

    Private Loans
    Millersville University has provided this link for your connivance in exploring safe options for funding. 

    Additional Recommended Resources
    Check out this link for other websites to learn for scholarships offers outside of Millersville University

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