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The Office of International Programs and Services (IPS) promotes a variety of activities, programs, and clubs and organizations that adhere to IPS's mission of enriching the academic and cultural environment, and internationalizing Millersville University. There are many ways to get involved!

  • Work/Intern for the Office of International Programs & Services

    Student Office Assistants

    Student office assistants support the day-to-day operations and work independently and/or as a team to accomplish the overall mission and goals of the office. Under the direct supervision of IPS staff, student office assistants are often the first point of contact for all students, faculty, staff, and guests visiting the office. 

    Student Office Assistant job descriptions 

    Graduate Assistant Job Descriptions

    Graduate assistants lead and support IPS programming and work independently and/or as a team to accomplish the overall mission and goals of the office. GAs are assigned to a specific unit within the office and are provided higher level responsibility over specific programs and projects. 

    To apply: Complete and submit the application form to


    Currently hiring: 

    • Study Abroad Support
    • International Student Support
    • PR & Marketing Support
  • We Are Global

    About the We Are Global Campaign 

    We Are Global aims to spread awareness of the international student and faculty populations, study abroad opportunities, and the international initiatives of MU. We hope to show the diversity of the campus and show that you can participate in global initiatives no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, major, class standing, and more! Our hope is for all to see the importance of a global perspective and a wide-reaching worldview through initiatives like this. 

    The campaign will feature posters, social media posts and other channels of communication. Each poster or post will feature faculty or staff members, highlighting their international experiences. We will also be featuring international students, past study abroad participants, or students involved in Global Marauders or the Global Ambassador Program.  

    Read We Are Global Stories

    How to Participate 

    If you are interested and willing to share your story, email and provide the following information:  

    • First name/title/department or other information that you wish to appear publicly. 
    • On-campus clubs/organizations/activities/committees that you are involved in (if applicable).  
    • Details of international experiences you have had or are involved in.
    • Include 2-5 pictures of you participating in the activities/location you described. 
    • What is one new thing you learned from this or other similar experiences 
    • What would you like to share with the campus community about your experiences, your culture, or your home country? 
    • Why would you recommend such experiences for Millersville students or faculty and staff? 
    • What advice would you give to them?  
    • If there is anything else that you would like to share, please do! 

    Become a Global Ambassador!

    The Global Ambassador Program (GAP) promotes international education and leadership opportunities for Millersville University students. Global Ambassadors promote the overall goal of creating an internationalized campus community by supporting the transition of international students and the reintegration of study abroad alumni to campus, by actively taking part in a variety of international initiatives on campus such as International Education Week and International Tea Time, and by enabling students and faculty to share their rich histories in educational presentations in the community.

    Students who successfully complete GAP will be recognized for their dedication at our Celebration of International Education Event in the spring semester.

    Ambassador TESTIMONIALS


    Bethany is a Middle-level Education major with a concentration in EnglishShe became a Global Ambassador because she loves to meet new people and learn about other cultures. Bethany has made many friends through this program that have greatly enriched her life. This has been one of her favorite college memories.  


    Bronte is an Italo-American who’s passionate about languages. She became a Global Ambassador to immerse herself in Millersville’s international community. Her favorite memories include volunteering at the Multicultural Showcase and getting to know the students through weekly conversation.  


    Guanqi is an international student from China studying biologyHe became an ambassador to learn more about the United States and to experience different cultures. He has been able to meet new people and expand his horizons through this experience.


    Leah is a Spanish and writing studies major. Becoming an ambassador has been one of her best college experiences. Through the program she has created many lifelong friendshipsmemories, and experiencesShe has been able to experience new cultures and meet new people. 


    Yorlin is studying International Studies with a minor in Japanese Language and Culture. He joined the Global ambassador program to talk and interact with people from different backgrounds. His favorite ambassador experience was on a trip to New York with students who had never been there.

    Within the Global Ambassador Program we have many ways for you to connect to the international community. For those who are interested in being more actively involved on a regular basis, there are several different options to explore. We hope to involve you in a way that suits you best and focuses on your strengths:

    Speaker’s Bureau: GAP speakers will promote the internationalization of the campus community by becoming a conversation partner to our ELI students, presenting information about international subjects or countries, or connecting with community members to share their cultural understanding and backgrounds. This program is volunteer-based and promotes community engagement outside of the university setting.

    International Student Mentor (ISM): As an ISM, students pair with new international students on campus to guide them as they prepare for life at MU or in The United States. The mentoring process will begin at acceptance to MU and be fostered through International Student Orientation (ISO), continuing throughout the first semester at Millersville University. As their support system, we hope to see long-lasting friendships develop. This program is volunteer-based.

    Global Marauders: In the Global Marauders club, we work towards the internationalization of the campus community through shared international experience with students, faculty, and staff. The social setting allows for connection through shared interests and discussions of international subjects. This program is volunteer-based and aims to guide those interested in all things international to the best resources.

    Global Ambassador Leadership: The Global Ambassador Leadership is compiled of GAP members that are embracing leadership roles and want to be more deeply involved in the process of internationalization. They are expected to be well versed in questions regarding IPS and GAP, being able to delegate tasks and responsibilities, and participate actively in GAP events. This position is interview-based and students must have been active in GAP for at least one semester.

    Why be a Global Ambassador?

    • Recognition of participation every semester; recognition during final semester for overall participation 
    • Networking and professional experience. 
    • Participate in events and excursions for free when volunteering or hosting an event. 
    • Immerse yourself in a community rich with culture 
    • Help your fellow students integrate to MU by sharing your vision/experience on campus 
    • Be exposed to different viewpoints, ways of life, and personalities in this cultural exchange 
    • Educate fellow students and community members on international perspectives 
    • Give back to MU!


    • Current MU Student
    • Interest in international cultural exchange 
    • Good Academic Standing
    • Successful completion of Application & Interview

     Application Process

    • Apply: There is a rolling admission for applications. Submit the application to
    • Interview: You will be contacted by the Office of International Programs & Services for an interview. You will be notified within one week of acceptance.
    • Global Ambassador Training: Takes place each semester for new Ambassadors 


  • Global Marauders

    Global Marauders is a social club that promotes and encourages friendship, communication, and support between international and MU students. Global Marauders provides a place where students can socialize, connect, and learn about each other as well as other cultures.

    View the Global Marauders Get Involved webpage


    International Education Week (IEW), each November, is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education is part of collective efforts to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences.

    Click here for more information.