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Welcome to the English Language Institute at Millersville University!

The English Language Institute (ELI) provides six levels of intensive English instruction designed to meet the academic needs of international students attending Millersville University. Classes are taught by dedicated, experienced instructors trained in English as a Second Language instruction and holding a master’s degree or higher. In addition to language and academic instruction, the ELI offers students many cultural events outside of class, such as trips to local and regional attractions in nearby locations like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, and historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The 16- and 10-week intensive English courses offered at the ELI are non-credit classes that act as a bridge for students to meet admissions requirements to enroll in one of the many programs offered at Millersville University – both at the undergraduate and graduate level. The ELI offers a tremendous advantage to students beginning their time of study in the U.S. Students can step into their academic program sooner, especially if achieving a high enough TOEFL or IELTS score has been a challenge. While attending the ELI, students may earn up to 15 credits toward their academic major through concurrent enrollment during levels 4, 5 and 6. Successful completion of ELI levels 4, 5 and 6, allows students to move directly into their academic major full-time and equips them to be successful throughout their academic career at Millersville University and beyond.

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  • ELI Program General Overview

    The English Language Institute (ELI) at Millersville University (MU) is a non-credit, intensive English program designed to help students improve their English proficiency for academic, personal, or professional purposes. Most students in the program plan to begin undergraduate or graduate study in an American college or university after they complete their English program.

    Overview - ELI Program and Classes

    The ELI has six levels. These levels are designed to provide enough time for students to progress gradually from their starting proficiency level to the point where they are able to join mainstream academic classes. Each of the six levels includes courses on interaction (speaking and listening), literacy (reading and writing), and grammar. A special topic elective course and language lab are also part of the curriculum. In their first semester on campus, new ELI (and all International Students) are required to participate in the Student Success Seminar, which builds on topics in initial orientation sessions and provides several check-in points for supporting students. The table below presents how the levels are related to the Common European Framework of Reference

    ELI Level Notes CEF Other Names
    Level 1   A1 Low beginner
    Level 2   A1 High beginner
    Level 3   A2 Low intermediate
    Level 4 May apply for concurrent classes B1 Intermediate
    Level 5

    May apply for concurrent classes

    Exit level for undergraduate students

    B1 High intermediate
    Level 6 Graduate students only (Exit level) B2 Advanced


    ELI Level MU ELI Description
    Level 1 Levels 1 & 2 are beginner levels and focus on developing general English. Students learn to communicate about familiar topics and to use the language in everyday situations. The emphasis is on writing on a sentence level and on reading and listening to shorter passages on general topics. Other goals include building students’ foundations in grammar and vocabulary.
    Level 2
    Level 3 Level 3, 4 and 5 are intermediate levels and focus on developing academic skills. Students learn to construct paragraphs and essays, practice reading and listening to academic material, and learn to give presentations and communicate in a classroom. Students also expand their grammar and vocabulary range.
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level 6 Level 6 is an advanced level and prepares students for graduate classes. Students practice research skills, writing and editing skills, giving professional presentations, and reading and listening to longer, more complex academic passages.

    For a more detailed description of the levels and exit criteria, click here


    The ELI follows Millersville’s academic calendar, which is generally as follows:

    • Fall Semester – late August through mid-December (16 weeks)
    • Spring Semester – late January through early-May (16 weeks)
    • Summer Intensive – mid-June through mid-August (10 weeks, MU’s Summer 2 & Summer 3)

    Full-time ELI students receive a minimum of 18+ instructional contact hours per week, as part of the intensive English program, plus additional lab and other support hours per week. Short-term and specialized programs may be different. The table below shows how the hours are calculated.

    Class Type – All Levels

    Length of Class

    Times Meeting Per Week

    Total Hours Per Week

    Total  Contact Hours

    Per Week

    Core Class 1

    2.25 hours




    Core Class 2

    2.25 hours




    Core Class 3

    2.25 hours




    Special Topics A

    2.25 hours




    Special Topics B / Writing Lab

    2.25 hours




    Language Lab

    2.25 hours




    Conversation Partners

    1.00 hours




    Student Success Seminar

    1.00 hours

    1 (6 weeks)

    1.00 (.375 avg. 16 wks.)


    Classes are held Monday through Friday. Hours typically range between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The sample schedules from past terms shown below give a sense of a typical schedule. Present hours and courses may vary per term. The current schedule format for hours of contact for the intensive English program is shown in the table above.

    Length of Study

    The amount of time it takes to learn a new language depends on the individual. Students who begin the ELI program in levels 1 or 2 should expect to study for at least 12 months (or 3 semesters) prior to taking full-time courses in their academic programs. Students in levels 3 or 4 should expect to study for at least 8 months (or 2 semesters) prior to taking full-time courses in their academic programs. Students beginning in levels 5 or 6 should expect to study at least 4 months (or 1 semester) prior to taking full-time courses in their academic programs. 

  • ELI Courses

    Millersville University’s English Language Institute (ELI) offers high-quality, ESL instruction for its students that prepares students to be successful in college-level academic courses and, ultimately, in their career path. ELI students will take courses that improve their four main English proficiencies – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – all in a dynamic learning environment. 


    The English Language Institute (ELI) provides six levels of intensive English instruction designed to meet the academic needs of international students attending Millersville University. Full-time ELI students receive a minimum of 18 hours of English instruction and additional hours of supervised language lab and other support each week, depending on the program.


    Each level is made up of core courses focusing on key areas:

    • Academic Written Literacies
    • Academic Oral Interactions
    • Grammar for Oral Interactions
    • Grammar for Written Literacies

    Each core course has a laboratory period for additional practice, with tutors and staff available for assistance.


    In addition to core courses, the ELI offers specialized classes that students can choose based on interest. Possible elective courses include: American Literature, American Movies, Current Events, Pop Culture, Service Learning, Test Preparation, Creative Writing, Dramatic Speaking, Business Communication, Admissions 101 and much more. For elective course description, review our course descriptions. Elective courses may be chosen based on availability; not every course is offered in all semesters and at all levels.


    The ELI’s Language Lab provides opportunities for students to practice a variety of language skills, such as grammar, listening, punctuation, reading, writing, and vocabulary, in simulated and real-life contexts. Software and materials used are customized to the learner’s need. The guided practice during language lab hours is supervised by ELI staff or teachers.


    The cost of ELI is tuition, plus technology and general fees. Students who take advantage of the concurrent Millersville University course enrollment option during ELI levels 4, 5 or 6 will be responsible for the additional tuition and fees required. Textbooks and any other required educational materials are included in the ELI tuition.


    Paying Your Tuition

    ELI students will not receive a tuition and fee bill until they are registered for classes. Students should pay their bill in full by the first date of classes each term. Payment may be made in-person or online. Payment options can be found on the Office of Student Accounts website

    Non-payment will lead to late fees added to your bill. Non-payment also leads to a hold being placed on your account, which would restrict registration in later terms. If non-payment is not resolved, the student will be dismissed from program. The following notes will be helpful to students related to payment:

    • Flywire – International students are encouraged to use Flywire for tuition payments. This service offers an opportunity to pay securely from any country or bank using any currency.
    • Fees Related to Concurrent Enrollment – Students who take advantage of the concurrent Millersville University course enrollment option during ELI levels 4, 5 or 6 will be responsible for the additional tuition and fees required by MU. 
    • Sponsored Students – Students who are sponsored through a government or other third-party must work with the Office of International Programs and Services and the Office of Student Accounts to ensure timely invoicing and payment of tuition and fees.

    Refund Policy

    The refund policy applies to tuition only. Other fees are not refunded. Special cases may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    • Students who withdraw from the program during the first week of the program (that is, the Millersville University Add/Drop period) may receive a full refund on tuition paid.
    • Students who withdraw from the ELI after the first week are not eligible for a refund.
    • Students who have to repeat a level due to not meeting the 80% attendance or academic performance requirements will not receive a refund. 
  • ELI Activities

    The English Language Institute (ELI) offers many activities and events for students. These are a great opportunity for students to build English skills and understanding of American culture, while also making friends and having fun. The ELI encourages students to participate and get involved in many activities and take advantage of services offered at Millersville University and the ELI.


    Orientation is an ongoing process. IPS prepares three mandatory orientation programs that work together to help you have the best beginning possible at MU and in the U.S.

    Online Orientation

    The Online Orientation is a platform all new students at MU complete. It has many information sections, strategies and tips from present students, and welcome messages from the campus. There are specific pages devoted to international students and scholars.

    View the online orientation here

    On-Campus International Student Orientation

    Orientation serves as a time to welcome students to Millersville University, as well as familiarize them with the campus and Lancaster County. Topics covered during the orientation will give students valuable information regarding visa issues, immigration regulations, as well as assist with adapting to a new environment. Failure to check-in at orientation will result in termination of your visa status and you will need to depart immediately from the U.S. The dates for your on-campus orientation will be communicated in advance, but are typically the few days prior to the start of term. 

    This mandatory program is a specific time set aside for you, with sessions to give you the most important information you will need to start. It is designed to establish a good foundation for your entire student journey. The sessions apply specifically to international students and scholars. The activities will build on the information in your Online Orientation, include a tour of campus, introduce you to leaders in your department and on campus, and help you establish your first friendships on campus. There are also practical and fun events to help you meet other new students and to explore the local area and culture. Graduate students may need to attend an additional graduate orientation. Graduate students should refer to the Graduate Studies website for more information regarding graduate orientation.

    Student Success Seminar

    Sevel Student Success Seminars are held throughout a student's first semester on campus. All new and first-year international students are required to participate. Seminars are designed to help students process their student journey and cover key topics related to campus life and cultural changes. Guest speakers and special activities will be part of this weekly event. This is a great opportunity to build the support network to help you realize your academic, professional and personal goals for your time in the U.S.

    New ELI Student Orientation

    All new ELI students will have orientation specifically related to the ELI program. This will include placement testing. ELI students, as new international students in their first term, are also required to attend the International Student Orientation and the Student Success Seminars.

    Clubs and Organizations

    ELI students have the opportunity to get involved in many student clubs and organizations on campus, including the Global Marauders Club, which is focused on social and cultural awareness.

    For more information visit the Global Marauders Get Involved

    Campus Resources

    ELI students have access to Millersville University’s academic and personal support services. Many of these services are free of charge. For more information on campus resources, visit this website or any of the pages below:

    Field Trips and Activities

    The English Language Institute has field trips every semester to area attractions. These may include:

    One full day-trip is scheduled per semester to locations such as: 

    ELI students may participate in social activities and events alongside other international students. These include activities such as:

  • Academic Policies

    ELI Application, Admission, and Enrollment

    Admission to the English Language Institute at Millersville University is open to F- and J-visa students, U.S. citizens and permanent residents, as well as other visa holders.

    Apply to the English Language Institute

    Conditional Undergraduate Admission

    Applicants who intended to enter a degree program at MU, who are academically admissible, but do not meet the minimum English language requirement, may be conditionally admitted to Millersville University, with the understanding that they will first enroll in the ELI program. The ELI program is designed to improve English language proficiency and prepare students to succeed in university level classes. Applicants must meet all other Millersville University admission requirements, including program-specific requirements.

    Apply as an undergraduate student

    Conditional Graduate Admission

    Conditional and Direct Admission Options Exist for graduate students. Students interested in MU Graduate Programs, who also need English language proficiency courses, may apply directly to their graduate program for conditional admission. If students are not eligible for conditional admission to their graduate program, they may then apply directly to the ELI. If accepted, they may apply to their graduate program again later in their studies. Graduate students in level 6 will have the option to apply for taking concurrent, non-ELI, MU courses for credit. Applicants must meet all other Millersville University admission requirements, including program-specific requirements.

    Apply as a graduate student


    Millersville University welcomes transfer students from other accredited institutions. Nationally, 60% of students begin their education at one institution and complete their bachelor’s degree at another. Annually, nearly 700 transfer students chose Millersville to continue their educational journey.


    Before students start the ELI program, they will take an English language proficiency test to determine their placement in the correct level. At the end of each semester, students will be given a new placement test to confirm sufficient progress and promotion to the next level.

    Students must apply and be admitted to the ELI before attending classes. A formal, standardized English language proficiency test is not required for admission to the ELI. However, if TOEFL or IELTS or another standardized test has been taken, these scores must be provided. An additional proficiency test will be given prior to the start of classes to determine level placement. Students will be placed within level 1 through 6, according to their placement test results.


    ELI staff will register students for ELI classes. Depending on visa type, ELI students may enroll full-time or part-time. Students that are on an F-1 student visa are not allowed to study part-time in the ELI, unless enrolled full-time in an academic program, or if taking courses during the summer months. Students with F-2 and J-2 visas, as well as other visa categories have the option of studying part-time.


    Full-Time Students

    Part-Time Students

    Visa Type(s)

    F-1, F-2, J-2

    F-2, J-2

    Hours per Week

    18 in-class, 4 lab




    All students enrolled in ELI courses will be given a grade for each class taken. ELI follows the Millersville University grading scale. The grades you can earn are:

    A         93-100%

    B         83-86%

    C         73-76%    

    D         63-66%

    A-       90-92%

    B-        80-82%  

    C-        70-72% 

    D-       60-62%

    B+       87-89%  

    C+       77-79%   

    D+       66-69%     

    F         0-60%

    Student Evaluation

    Students will have regular assessment measures throughout their courses, including a final exam or project in most courses. In order to pass a course, ELI students must earn a B- (80%) or higher academically. 

    Students who fail to make adequate progress in the program will be placed on academic probation. Probation can lead to dismissal from the program, which will result in your I-20 being terminated in SEVIS, affecting legal immigration status. Students will receive a mid-term grade and a final grade report at the end of each term. For official transcripts, students must contact the Office of the Registrar for processing.

    Grade Appeals

    Students who believe there is an error on their mid-term or final grade report may submit a Grade Appeal Form to the English Language Institute. This appeal will be reviewed by the appropriate ELI administrators in consultation with the instructor.  

    ELI Completion and LEVEL PROMOTION

    ELI students must earn a B- (80%) or higher academically in all core courses to be promoted from one level to the next.

    Level 5 is the exit level for undergraduate students to meet admission's requirements. Level 6 is the exit level for graduate students.

    Students who want to enter degree programs at MU must work with the MU Admissions Office to be admitted into an academic program outside of the ELI. Applicants must meet all other Millersville University admission requirements, including program-specific requirements to begin a degree program.


    Academic integrity rules vary from country to country, so it important for ELI students to understand the academic integrity expectations of Millersville University and the U.S. In some cultural contexts, it is considered honoring a person to use his or her words without giving credit. However, in the U.S. this practice is considered very bad and is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is taking credit for an idea or statement that did not originate in your mind. Students who present someone else’s work, words or ideas, whether it be another student’s or from a publication, as if their own creation, have committed plagiarism. ELI students caught plagiarizing will receive a zero on the related assignment, which affects the overall grade for the course. A repeat offense will result in disciplinary action, including possible failure of the course, as determined in by the ELI administration and your instructor. 

    ELI Expectations for Students


    It is expected that students show up and actively participate in classes. Your success in the ELI and at MU are very important to us. These strategies will help you do well:

    • Attend classes consistently.
    • Be on time.
    • Participate fully in class.
    • Come ready to engage and learn.
    • Complete all required work.
    • Take advantage of additional language-learning supports, such as conversation partners, IPS social and intercultural events, and MU campus activities.


    It is important for students to complete homework assignments to continue improving their English. Homework must be completed and turned in on time. ELI instructors and staff are here to assist if students do not understand an assignment. Missing homework will negatively affect course grades.

    Student Conduct

    Important Requirements – Remember:

    • Students are responsible for their actions and their consequences.
    • Students are accountable to rules and regulations of the ELI, Millersville University, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the laws of the United States.

    Conduct in the ELI Classroom

    It is important for students to demonstrate appropriate behavior in class. This includes interacting with other students and participating in all ELI class activities. Engaging in this way not only creates a good learning environment and welcoming community, it also helps language development.

    Behavior that is disruptive or disrespectful to fellow students or instructors is not acceptable. Students may be asked to leave the classroom if conduct does not meet these expectations. If a behavior or incident in class requires it, teachers will inform the ELI office and submit an Incident Report. The office will communicate with the student and teacher and take appropriate actions until a resolution is reached.

    Mobile Phones

    Mobile phones should generally be put away during instruction or any time of interaction and engagement with the class material. It is okay to use phones during 1:1 work as a resource or tool, or as instructed by the teacher. If not specifically instructed otherwise, please turn phones off or put them away during class time. Phones are not meant to be used for texting, phoning, gaming, or other non-class related activities during class time. 


    ELI students are provided with textbooks at the beginning of a semester. Students must use this new, unmarked text for class, not a book with writing or answers already recorded. Students should bring textbooks and other classroom materials to each class session and take them home again after class.

    Teacher Expectations

    Please check instructor’s syllabus for particular policies regarding classroom conduct. Students are responsible for following classroom and program policies, as communicated in this Student Handbook, online orientation, International Student Orientation, and the many other communication channels outlined here. Students must be respectful to classmates, teachers, and ELI administrators at all times. 

    ELI Student Behavior

    ELI students are members of a community at MU. It is very important for students to be respectful of the teachers, of other students, and of themselves whenever present in the ELI program. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.  If there is a situation where a student’s conduct is disruptive or disrespectful, teachers will address the situation and seek support from the ELI office and IPS staff as needed. Teachers will do their best to speak with a student in private to talk about a behavior issue. If the situation cannot be resolved in the moment or is escalating in some way, the teacher may ask the student to leave class and will set a meeting time later to discuss the situation. As a student, if you have concerns about a behavior issue or how a teacher is talking to you, please contact ELI administrative staff, other teachers, or IPS staff nearby for assistance and support. 

    The ELI Administration will use a “Three Strike Approach” in communicating about behavior with students:

    1. A gentle reminder explaining the issue  
    2. A stronger warning with direct information about possible consequences  
    3. A final warning potentially leading to dismissal

    Conduct on the MU Campus

    ELI students must abide by the same rules as all other students at Millersville University. Failure to do this may result in suspension or expulsion from Millersville University, which will result in your I-20/DS-2019 being terminated, if applicable, which will take you out of legal immigration status. For more information, read the MU Student Conduct and Community Standards.

    Cancelled Class Policy – As Communicated to Students

    In the unlikely event that a class needs to be cancelled due to weather or other events, students will be notified through the main MU channels, including text, email, and the main MU website. If the teacher needs to cancel class for any reason, the teacher will notify students through D2L or by MU Email.

    Making Up Classes or Coursework

    Due to Weather

    In the event that classes are delayed or cancelled due to weather, teachers may use D2L and other remote teaching applications to assign make-up work in order to not lose ground in meeting course objectives.

    Due to Student Absence or Related

    • If a student misses a major assessment at the appointed class time, the student should contact the teacher and remain in communication.
    • If medical/health reasons exist, the student should provide proof to the teacher/office of an appropriate reason for missing, such as a note (documentation) from the Health Center or the doctor’s office.
    • If the teacher/office determines that the reason for absence is appropriate, the teacher may allow make-up work by arrangement, at the teacher’s convenience.
    • If the conditions of the quiz/test or activity are impossible to make up, the teacher may drop this one activity from the overall grade, averaging out the other assessments for final grading, or arrange for an alternative assessment.


    • Students are encouraged to notify the teacher of tardiness or absences in advance, if possible. If they are ill and not able to notify beforehand, the soonest possible notification after class is expected.
    • The ELI knows that some ELI students are parents or have many other work and life responsibilities outside of the ELI classes. Our ELI staff will do our best to be helpful, patient, and understanding of your circumstances without violating the overall requirements and expectations of the ELI program or immigration regulations.


    Our staff will guide you through the process of getting your Millersville email address. It is very important that you monitor this email address regularly because all University communications and business will be communicated using this address. With the need for cyber security, using your MU email to write to professors and staff on campus is recommended. (Professors and staff may not reply to your non-MU email address.)

    If students have any issues, questions, or concerns, we recommend that they communicate as soon as possible with their teachers, IPS staff, or other support people on campus as described above. It usually works out much better to talk about something early and often, than to let it go and hope it gets better.

    Related to ELI requirements and expectations, students are expected to communicate regularly with their teachers. They may discuss attendance, assignments, course materials, or other concerns. It is very important to communicate with the ELI instructors. They are here to help students.  

    Enrollment Verification

    If ELI students need documentation of enrollment, they may request a verification letter. To receive an enrollment verification letter, speak to your instructor or ELI staff. For letter requests regarding your immigration status, please contact or visit the Office of International Programs & Services in Lyle Hall.

    Complaint Policy

    IPS and the ELI want to provide a good experience for you. For students in the ELI, we seek to offer a unique, wonderful, and strategic learning environment. Our team works hard to make it the best experience possible for you. We give support wherever possible. We also maintain an “open door” policy. ELI students may speak with the Academic Coordinator, Assistant Director of International Student Success, or Director of the Office of International Programs and Services. The full IPS staff is available to all ELI and other international students and scholars if there is a situation or issue causing you difficulty. Our team will be happy to talk with you.

    To file a complaint:

    1. Request a Complaint Form from the IPS office or in your handbook.
    2. Complete the form including all details possible; include examples if possible.
    3. Submit form by email or give in person to the IPS office using one of methods described in detail in the Student Handbook.

    Student Departure

    Students are expected to attend classes throughout the entire semester, from the first date through to the final class. If extraordinary circumstances exist, such as an illness or death in the family, a student may request permission to depart early. Students must meet with ELI staff to ensure that their academic requirements are met and that their academic and immigration record is not affected. Failure to do so may result in suspension or expulsion from the ELI. Related to this, please review the Office of International Programs and Service's information regarding how absences and departures may affect your immigration status. 

  • Support Services

    The ELI staff strives to provide excellent service to our students while studying at Millersville University. We aim to give students a rewarding experience, both inside and outside of the classroom. The ELI and Millersville University orientation programs will give you helpful information and guidance in your first days. In the days that follow, our staff members continue to offer support to help you settle into your new life at Millersville University and in the United States. If you have questions or are experiencing difficulties, your ELI instructors and staff members are available for help and advice. More details on specific types of support are shown below.

    Arrival and Orientation Services

    The Office of International Programs & Services offers arrival services for all new international students, including an arrival day and orientation program. Orientation offers an opportunity for students to learn about the services and programs at Millersville University in order to ensure their adjustment to the campus and the U.S. Orientation also covers immigration laws and expectations, as well as guest speakers from many university departments. All international students are required to attend all orientation activities. For new student information, review your Next Steps prior to arrival. 

    Academic Support Program

    International students have the opportunity to improve writing and communication skills by participating in the ELI’s Academic Support Program. Non-native speakers are provided with English support through workshops and tutoring. Both academic and ELI students are eligible to participate in this service free of charge.

    ELI Academic Advising

    Your instructors and other ELI staff are available to meet with students on questions related to classes and future options at Millersville University. Advising is available for a range of topics, including level placement, repeated courses, probationary status, and cultural adjustment issues.

    International Student Advising

    International student advisors are here to assist with immigration and cultural advising for all international students. They can also refer you to the appropriate Millersville University department and services, as needed. To set up an appointment with an international student advisor, contact or visit Lyle Hall.

    Health Insurance

    All F-1 and J-1 students and scholars whose immigration documents were issued by Millersville University are required to have health insurance for themselves and their dependents. For more information regarding obtaining health insurance, please review the Health Insurance options available.


    You will receive your MU student ID card during orientation. ID cards are necessary to enter your residence hall, for identification in the library, health services, and athletic facilities, as well as to purchase meals at any of the many dining options on campus.

    Civic Engagement

    ELI students have the opportunity to learn more about the community around them through civic engagement. Students will engage in a variety of programs in the city of Lancaster through service or experiential learning. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences through blogging, journal writing, video webcasting, or presentations.

    International Academic Preparation Program

    International Academic Preparation Program (IAPP) is a two-week intensive English program that is designed to equip new international students with the skills to better integrate into the campus and the surrounding community. Students will have the opportunity to improve their confidence and speaking skills by practicing in academic, social, and professional contexts. Students will have an opportunity to practice academic writing, research, and presentation skills as individual and in groups. This program is designed for non-native English students admitted to Millersville University.

  • International Student & Scholar Handbook

    This handbook is designed to be a resource at every stage of your time at MU, from pre-arrival to after you complete your studies. The information provided in this handbook, given out at your arrival, and emphasized in the Online Orientation, International Student Orientation, and Student Success Seminars, is meant to help you be successful in the English Language Institute at Millersville University. 

    International Student & Scholar Handbook

  • Important & Emergency Phone Numbers


    Dr. Charity Alinda
    Associate Director of International Student and Scholar Services
    Office of International Programs and Services


    English Language Institute (ELI) 717-871-4040
    Office of International Programs & Services (IPS) 717-871-7506
    Emergency Number for IPS 717-871-5506
    Registrar’s Office  717-871-5005
    Office of Student Accounts  717-871-5101
    Health Services  717-871-5250
    University Housing and Conference Services 717-871-4200
    Center for Counseling and Human Development  717-871-7821
    Library  717-871-7111
    Help Desk (IT)  717-871-7777



    Medical Emergency

    911 or 3-911

    Health Services at Witmer Building

    Non-emergency Medical Care


    Millersville University



    Millersville University


    717-872-3282 or 717-872-3275

    Millersville University

    Environmental Health and Safety

    717-872-3017 or 717-872-3715

  • Accreditation and Affiliations

    CEAThe Millersville University English Language Institute is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation for the period April 2022 through April 2027 and agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. CEA is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency for English language programs and institutions in the U.S. For further information about this accreditation, please contact CEA, 1001 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 630, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 665-3400,

    Organizational Membership With:


    nafsaELI Personnel Maintain Membership With: