International Travel Registry

The International Travel Registry is a system managed by the Office of International Programs & Services (IPS) to record important information regarding the international activities of campus stakeholders. The registry is not a travel approval process. It is meant to support the MU community in the following ways:

  • Emergency Communications: The travel registry is Millersville University’s official means for sharing urgent health, safety, and security related information for those traveling abroad.
  • Emergency Assistance: The travel registry enables IPS to reach travelers in the event of emergency situations. If travelers experience an emergency abroad, they have 24/7 access to assistance coordinated by IPS and the International Crisis Management Team. 
  • Promotion of International Activity: The travel registry allows the accurate reporting of campus-wide international activity. It provides information to campus administration regarding international collaboration, research, grants, partnership development, conference activities, and more.
  • International Health Insurance: The health and safety of each member of the Millersville community are taken seriously. Therefore, those traveling abroad will have the ability purchase an IPS-approved international health insurance plan for travelers and their dependents.
  • Maintain Export Control Compliance

Faculty & Staff Travelers

Record MU-related international travel & enter trip emergency contact information. Log in with your MU credentials.

Register Your Travel Here

Note: Faculty & staff should complete the Travel Request Process, before starting your International Travel Registry with IPS. Click here for more information

Student Travelers

Record MU-related international travel & enter trip emergency contact information. Log in with your MU credentials.

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Non-Millersville Travelers

Non-MU travelers will be prompted to create an account to record their MU-related international travel.

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  • How to log in and complete a Travel Registration

    Option 1:

    • Email Education.Abroad@Millersville with full name, travel location(s), and travel dates. 
    • IPS will create a Travel Registry account for you andd email you login information. 

    Option 2:

    • Choose the appropriate category above. 
    • Click "Register your Travel Here".
    • Log in using your Millersville credentials (username and password); or if you are a Non-Millersville Participant, you will be prompted to create an account. 
    • Input your arrival and departure date, and at least one city and click “Add to Itinerary
      • If the city is not present, an option will appear to search an external location database for that new location.
      • If you are currently unsure of the location details you can move forward with temporary location details and update your itinerary later on.
    • Click “Apply” to move forward.
    • A checklist of items will appear for you to complete or review. 

    Note: You can always log back into this website at a later date to complete the registration. By going to the Study Abroad website and logging in with your MU credentials.

    If you have any questions contact


    International travel is considered MU-related if one or more of the following applies: 

    • It is sponsored, arranged, endorsed, promoted, or administered by the university, or by university faculty or staff.
    • The travel is in the course and scope of their employment at MU. 
    • It is financed, in full or part, through MU funding, scholarships, or sponsorship.  
    • It is credit-bearing, or the travel is necessary for meeting a course or degree requirement, including research at MU.  
    • The travel is directly related to a university-sponsored grant or contract. 
    • Travel is undertaken by a registered student organization affiliated with or representing MU. 

    Read the International Travel Policy for more information. 


    A Travel Registry should be completed by the employee and all participating travelers only if there are no scheduled activities or excursions outside of the main purpose of the trip. If additional activities are scheduled and included, the employee is required to submit a proposal for a MAPS: Millersville Abroad Program to gain official approval by their Department Chair and Dean. Additionally, students and other participants would be required to complete a separate application in lieu of a Travel Registry. 

    International travelers should complete a Travel Registry in the case of MU-related international solo travel or MU-related international travel with an MU employee. Examples of such travel may include but are not limited to:

    • Attending or presenting at an international conference
    • MU club or MU organization-led trip
    • Athletic events and training
    • Performances
    • Independent or faculty-guided/assisted research (when not earning transfer credit or as part of a credit-bearing class such as for presenting at Made in Millersville or use in an Honors Thesis, etc.)

    Individual travlers who are not MU employees, but are traveling on University related business or accompanying an employee may complete the Non-Millersville Participant travel registration. These travelers may include MU alumni or other community members.

    MAPS: Millersville Abroad Programs Participant:

    Non-MU participants who are traveling as Secondary Program Leaders on a MAPS trip or who have made alternative arrangements with the Primary Program Leader may be instructed to complete a Travel Registry instead of an application. If you are fully participating in the trip itinerary then you would complete the MAPS program application.