International Travel Registry

International travel registrations are managed by the Office of International Programs & Services (IPS) to record important information regarding the international activities of campus stakeholders. The registry is not a travel approval process.

International travel is considered MU-related if one or more of the following applies: 

  • It is sponsored, arranged, endorsed, promoted, or administered by the university, or by university faculty or staff.
  • The travel is in the course and scope of their employment at MU. 
  • It is financed, in full or part, through MU funding, scholarships, or sponsorship.  
  • It is credit-bearing, or the travel is necessary for meeting a course or degree requirement, including research at MU.  
  • The travel is directly related to a university-sponsored grant or contract. 
  • Travel is undertaken by a registered student organization affiliated with or representing MU. 

Read the International Travel Policy for more information. 

MU EMPLOYEES/VOLUNTEERS: In addition to a Travel Request Form through your ESS account, a travel registration on this webpage is required for all MU employees and official MU volunteers participating on MU-related international travel.  

STUDENT TRAVELERS: A travel registry is designed for students traveling independently or solo on certain types of programs, and for those who may be traveling with an MU faculty or staff member on MU-related international travel. Students do NOT complete the form on this webpage - instead they must complete the travel registry on the Study Abroad Portal, because they are subject to the study abroad eligibility requirements. Email for more information. 

OTHER MISC TRAVELERS: A travel registration is required for all non-Millersville travelers (spouses, dependents, alumni, and community members) participating on MU-related international travel. Travelers in this category may be required to register on this webpage or register on the MUAbroad Portal, depending on what MU-related travel they are participating in. If the non-Millersville traveler will be with MU students, they will be required to complete a background check. 

Travel Registry (Website)

Travel Registry (Portal)

MU Employees MU Students
MAPS Program Leaders (Secondary) Students of other colleges/universities & high schools
Community members (Ex. MU alumni, spouse, dependents) that deviate from a full MAPS itinerary  

If MU students are doing a Travel Registry, then the following must be true:

  • MU is not collecting money from student participants. They are paying their own way, ex. for flight and accommodations.
  • There is no Program Leader planning group activities.
  • Participants can travel independently, stay at different hotels, and follow their own itinerary while engaging in the Travel Registry activity.   

If these descriptors do not apply, the trip is not considered a travel registry but a MAPS: Millersville Abroad Program. A Program Leader (MU Employee) would be required to submit a proposal for a MAPS: Millersville Abroad Program by the published deadlines and all participants would be required to complete a MAPS application rather than a travel registration. 

Travel Registry Form

Employee Travel Registry Application (International Programs)

Employee Travel Registry Application (International Programs)

  • Traveler Information

  • Name Name
  • Phone Number Phone Number - -
  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Name Name
  • Phone Number Phone Number - -
  • Trip Information

  • Start Date Start Date / /
    Pick a date.
  • End Date End Date / /
    Pick a date.