Getting Settled in Pennsylvania

Whether you are new to the U.S. or relocating from another state, there are many things you will want to do to prepare for life in Pennsylvania. Getting a Pennsylvania driver’s license and opening a bank account will likely be at the top of your list. 

  • Obtaining a Social Security Number

    A Social Security number is only assigned to people who are authorized to work in the United States. It is used to post wages to Social Security records so workers can become eligible for Social Security benefits. Social Security will only issue you a number if you are working, have specific authorization to work, or have a government requirement to be issued a number.

    The Social Security Office that MU international students and scholars use is located at: 

    1808 Colonial Village Ln Suite 101
    Lancaster, PA 17601

    To apply, you will need:

    1. Social Security Card Application
    2. Valid passport
    3. Valid I-94 card (if you were issued one when you entered the U.S.) OR Admission stamp in passport + Print-out of the electronic I-94 card (available at
    4. All of your original I-20's (F-1 Students) OR DS-2019s (J-1 Students and Student Interns). Note: The signature on your I-20 or DS-2019 must be an original signature. It cannot be a rubber-stamped signature.
    5. Proof of Employment (F-1) or Eligibility to Work (J-1/ J-2)

    For more information regarding obtaining a social security number, visit


  • Obtaining a Pennsylvania Driver’s License

    You will need to show the following documents to obtain a Pennsylvania Driver's License or ID Card. You must bring these documents to a Driver License Center to obtain your ID Card or information on how to obtain your Driver’s License.

    1. Documents: 
      1. I-20 (F-1), DS-2019(J-1), I-797 (H-1B)
      2. Employment Authorization Document "EAD" (If Any) Students on Optional Practical Training (OPT) must present the EAD, and the applicant cannot go before the start date on the EAD.
      3. Valid passport
      4. I-94 card (if issued paper I-94) or I-94 printout (if issued electronic I-94), refer to the automated I-94 process. 
      5. Your U.S. Entry Visa (used for last entry)
    2. Two of the following as proof of residency in Pennsylvania:  
      1. Current utility bills (for example, electric, cable, telephone, landline not cell phone. You may use two of the same type of utility bill as long as they are for two different months.
      2. Lease agreements or proof of residency letter from the University Housing Office for on-campus students. 
      3. W-2 Tax forms
      4. Car insurance statements
      5. Bank statement
    3. Social Security Card (or Letter of Ineligibility): If you are not eligible for a social security number you will need to bring a letter of denial/indecision from the Social Security office. You can obtain this letter at the Social Security Office. Be sure to take all your immigration documents with you to obtain this letter. 

    For more information regarding driving in the United States, visit

    Please Note: 

    • Pennsylvania has a special reciprocity agreement with France and Germany. French and German nationals should inquire with PennDOT for details.
    • Those with a Canadian driver's license may drive legally in the U.S. for 60 days after moving to Pennsylvania.

    Renewal your Driver's License or I.D.

    A Pennsylvania Driver's license can be renewed until the end date on the  I-20 or DS-2019 even if it is less than one year.  PennDOT will include the grace period (60 days for the F-1 and 30 days for the J-1).  

    International Driving Permit

    Students who do not qualify for a Pennsylvania Driver's license can drive for one year if they have a valid foreign driver's license and an international driving permit.

    PennDOT/DMV Location

    The closest location to Millersville University is in the Regency Square Shopping Center: 

    131 Rohrerstown Rd
    Lancaster, PA 17603
  • Obtaining a Bank Account

    Many international students find it convenient to open a U.S. bank account. This allows for easier access to funds and is very convenient for students who work. Foreign bank cards and credit cards may work in the U.S., but they are often subject to high transaction fees.

    PSECU credit union is conveniently located on campus in the Student Memorial Center. There are various PSECU ATMs located around campus where students can conveniently withdrawal money for no fees if they have a PSECU account.

    All MU students are eligible to open an account at PSECU. To open an account students will need the following documents:

    • Social Security Card (if you have one)
    • Copy of most recent I-94
    • Copy of I-20 or DS-2019
    • Copy of Passport

    For more information regarding PSECU, visit their location on campus, calling 717.871.7732, or their website


    Millersville University has many resources available for international students to assist with registration. Visit the Registration Website for step by step video instructions and the current Registration Date chart, which gives the breakdown of dates and registration opens for each student. Be sure to refer to this chart to see when registration will be open for you!

    In addition, the Office of International Programs & Services has created some instructional documents to further assist international students with the registration process. Choose the appropriate document for your student type.

    Degree Student Instructions – You should meet with your Academic Advisor for advice on classes for next semester. Refer here for tips on registering if you’re a degree-seeking student. If you’re graduation this semester be sure to complete the application for graduation.

    CHEPD 121 Program – In the initial semester students will meet with their Department Chair to complete their Graduation Plan. Please use the Graduation Plan to choose winter/spring classes. After the first semester, students can follow the regular process of registering. If you need assistance meet with the CHEPD 121 Coordinator.