CSCI 121

Introduction To Internet Programming

Coordinator: Stephanie Schwartz

Credits: 4.0


Designed to introduce concepts, techniques and history of computing to students who are not computer science majors. Emphasis on problem solving using the computer including making calculations and presenting reports, tables and graphs based on those calculations. Collecting, storing, updating and retrieving data. Display and interpretation of information using the Internet. No credit toward computer science major.



Sample Textbooks

Designed to introduce Internet programming to students who are not computer science majors. Topics include Web page design, JavaScript programming, graphics animation, image handling, keyboard and mouse handling, check boxes and radio buttons. No credit toward computer science major. Offered periodically.

Course Outcomes 

  1. Create Web pages containing enumerated and definition lists.
  2. Create Web pages containing tables.
  3. Create Web pages containing images and sound.
  4. Create Web pages containing clickable images.
  5. Create Web pages containing hyperlinks.
  6. Write JavaScript programs to handle events associated with text boxes, buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons.
  7. Write JavaScript programs that collect user input.
  8. Understand and effectivtely utilize Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  9. Create a complete Website with proper layout.