MUCS Programming Team

About the Team

Welcome to the MUCS Programming Team website. We are a group of students that enjoy solving puzzles with computer programs. We like competing in competitions where speed in problem solving is key. We also just want to have fun while learning from each other. 

What will I gain from participating in the team?

  • Improve problem solving skills that will benefit you in your classes and future jobs.
  • Develop team skills by taking on various roles in a programming team.
  • Increase your attention to detail as that is one key to solving problems effectively.
  • Learn to categorize problems so solving them is as simple as knowing a couple generic solutions.

If you're interested in joining the team, please contact Todd Echterling via an email to

  • Meeting Time

    The Programming Teams meet every Thursday from Noon to 1:00pm in Roddy Hall room 140.

  • Programming Teams

    Fall 2017 MUCS Programming Team Roster

    Millersville Gold Team

    Hugh Grant
    Ryan Peterson
    Alayna Woleslagle

    Millersville Black Team

    Connor Billings
    Dan Hartenstine
    Henry Schmale