Research Lab

Department of Computer Science

Our research lab is directed by all faculty conducting independent and student research. The equipment in the room can vary. Currently, the lab is housed with:

  • four Intel Core i7-3770 PCs with 12GB of RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1050 Tis, and 120GB SSDs
  • four 27" iMacs with 8 or 16GB of RAM, dedicated NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, and SSDs
  • one Intel Core i7-5930K workstation with 32GB of RAM, AMD Radeon VII GPU, AMD Radeon Vega 64 Frontier Edition GPU, and 256GB SSD
  • one Intel Core i7-8086K workstation with 32GB of RAM, Dual NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPUs, and 512GB SSD

This lab is also equipped with a 46" flat screen display and a 65' flat screen display for large group presentations.