Remote Linux Machines

Department of Computer Science

What is SSH/SFTP?

SSH/SFTP is used to connect your computer to another computer or server securely. It is most often used with Unix servers so that you can work from your own computer as if you were sitting right at the remote computer. The session runs on your computer, but the information is processed on the remote computer.

Login instructions

To access the MUCS Remote Linux Machines, you need an SSH client.  Most modern operating systems provide one automatically.  The virtual Linux machines (configured like the machines in the Linux Lab) are accessed through the hostname  So, for example, you might use this command in the terminal on a Mac machine:


You would then be prompted for their password and for your preferred Duo authentication option. Attempting to login with a short name like "jtdoe" will not succeed.

Secure File Transfer Software

You can use the scp command to copy files or you can use a software tool such as

remote ssh with visual studio code

Many students like to use the Remote-SSH extension in VS Code. 

SSH and VS Code Setup


If you have any questions about secure connections to the CS network, please contact Todd Echterling.

     Office : 243 Boyer Hall
     Phone : 717-871-5676
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