Department of Computer Science

What is an Area of Career Interest?

An Area of Career Interest (AoCI) is a coherent group of Computer Science and related courses specified as a guideline to allow students to relate their computer science major to a particular professional interest or life goal.  "Coherent" implies that the courses chosen must all contribute to their knowledge in the chosen topic and how computer science impacts or is impacted by this topic. The courses chosen can come from more than one department and are intended to develop a student's knowledge in computer science and its relationships to their identified area of interest.

Why is it useful?

An Area of Career Interest is a guideline designed to better serve the interest of the Computer Science student.  Students are not required to select an AoCI, nor is any formal record kept related to a student’s use of the guidelines.  They are, however, provided merely as suggestions for selecting a set of advanced elective courses to satisfy the computer science degree requirements, and related courses that the student might use to satisfy the CS required-related requirements or the general education requirements.  

AoCI’s are similar to the "Sample Study Course" (that appears elsewhere on our website) that describes when courses in the major might be taken during a 4-year program. It provides students direction in taking the courses in which they are most interested while they fulfill their degree requirements for a BS in Computer Science.  It should also help students plan ahead to take particular CS or other courses in the curriculum when they are offered.

Sample AoCI's

The following are some suggested AoCI's. They are suggestions only. Please be aware that some courses are not offered every semester (or even every year) and thus you may have difficulty fitting courses into your schedule at the last minute. This is one reason to start thinking about an AoCI early.