Why Choose MUCS

Department of Computer Science

  1. Millersville University has taught Computer Science classes since 1963. We have offered the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science since 1975. See General Information.
  2. We are nationally accredited by the Computing Accreditation Board of ABET, www.abet.org.
  3. Student Information:
    • We have a low student/faculty ratio. Computer Science classes will have at most 30 students, usually 20 - 25, in the class (we do not have classes of 50, 75, or 100 like some of the larger Universities).
    • Approximately 10% of Computer Science majors are women.
  4. Every Computer Science course for CS majors at MU is 4 credits. Each course can have dedicated, exclusive laboratory time. Our teaching laboratories only have one student per computer.
  5. Every Computer Science class is taught by a Computer Science Professor (not a graduate teaching assistant).
  6. Our faculty are Computer Scientists and have earned Doctoral degrees in Computer Science from the following institutions:
    • City University of New York (CUNY)
    • Lehigh University
    • State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany)
    • University of Delaware
    • Washington State University
  7. Our faculty are practicing Computer Scientists who are active researchers, connected with the larger computer science community, and contributors to the frontiers of the field.
  8. We have state-of-the-art computer equipment and laboratories.
  9. We have three computer labs exclusively for Computer Science majors:
    • The Mac computer lab with 28 Workstations running macOS.
    • The Linux computer lab with 27 Workstations running Linux.
    • The Research lab with various workstations running Linux and macOS.
  10. We have some very challenging advanced upper level courses in Computer Science:
    • CSCI 375 - Computer Graphics
    • CSCI 395 - Computer Networks
    • CSCI 415 - Computer and Network Security
    • CSCI 419 - Mobile Application Development
    • CSCI 435 - Compiler Construction
    • CSCI 450 - Artificial Intelligence
    • CSCI 452 - Data Mining
    • CSCI 453 - Large Scale Data Analytics and Visualization
    • CSCI 467 - Analysis of Algorithms
    • CSCI 475 - 3D Game Programming
    • CSCI 476 - Parallel Programming
  11. We have received nearly $800,000 in National Science Foundation (NSF) and other external agency funding.
  12. Advanced projects are integrated into the curriculum and are focused on the undergraduate student.
  13. All graduates of the Computer Science program engage in an advanced project at some level during their years at Millersville.
  14. Our graduates have gone to graduate school and earned Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science at quality Universities nationwide.
  15. Our graduates have been hired by quality corporations and institutions nationwide.
  16. The department houses our own free tutoring program and schedule -- offering group tutoring sessions most days of the week and individual tutoring when appropriate.
  17. Millersville University has a very successful Cooperative Education program which offers qualified students the opportunity to gain invaluable experience by working in a salaried job in business and industry during their undergraduate years. A coop experience can foster additional motivation in study, personal development, and a significant edge when seeking permanent employment.
  18. The Computer Science department accommodates and fosters cultural diversity.
  19. All resources, time, funding, and energy are focused on doing one thing extremely well, namely:

To Provide an Excellent Undergraduate Computer Science Degree Program.