Reading Area Community College (RACC) Transfer Students

Department of Computer Science

If you are transferring from RACC, or considering the dual-enrollment program, this page may be useful for course planning.

Courses in which a grade of D was earned are transferable from Pennsylvania community colleges and institutions in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education only, provided the cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher with the exception of English Composition and Public Speaking which require a C- or higher.

Millersville has a Dual Admission agreement with Reading Area Community College for students who intend to complete their Associates degree and then transfer to MU. For information about this program, please see this page

Major FIELD COurse Equivalencies

Some Information Technology courses may be accepted as transfer credit for the department’s INTE courses following evaluation of Transferability of Postsecondary Credit by means of course material review and/or grades.

Other computer science and information technology courses may transfer for credit towards graduation but will not count for major required courses.

RACC Course Millersville Course Major

Mathematics Course Equivalencies

RACC Course Millersville Course Major
MAT 210 - Statistics MATH 130 - Elements of Statistics I INTE
MAT 160 - College Algebra MATH 101 - College Algebra
MAT 180 - Precalculus MATH 160 - Precalculus *
MAT 221 - Calculus II MATH 161 - Calculus 1 CSCI
MAT 222 - Calculus III MATH 211 - Calculus 2 CSCI*
  • Although not part of any degree requirement, College Algebra and Precalculus are often taken in preparation for Calculus 1
  • Calculus 2 can be taken as a math elective

Natural Science Course Equivalencies

For INTE majors, one G2+L course must be taken. A second G2 course within in the BIOL, CHEM, ESCI, or PHYS subject areas is also required.

For CSCI majors, two G2+L courses must be taken. Credit will only be given for one of PHYS 131/231 and PHYS 132/232

Below are a notable subset of G2+L courses that transfer into Millersville.

RACC Course Millersville Course Major
BIO 140 - Essentials of Biology BIOL 101 - Foundations of Biology CSCI, INTE
BIO 150 - Biology I BIOL 211 - Zoology CSCI
BIO 205 - Zoology
BIO 155 - Biology II BIOL 221 - Botany CSCI
BIO 210 - Botany
BIO 130 - Human Biology BIOL 204 - Human Biology CSCI
CHE 150 - Chemistry I CHEM 111 - Intro to Chemistry I CSCI, INTE
CHE 155 - Chemistry II CHEM 112 - Intro to Chemistry II CSCI
PHY 240 - Physics I PHYS 131 - Physics 1 with Algebra CSCI, INTE
PHY 245 - Physics II PHYS 132 - Physics 2 with Algebra CSCI
PHY 250 - College Physics I PHYS 231 - Physics 1 with Calculus CSCI, INTE
PHY 255 - College Physics I PHYS 232 - Physics 2 with Calculus CSCI

General Education Course Equivalencies

RACC Course Millersville Course Major
COM 121 - English Composition ENGL 110 - English Composition CSCI, INTE
COM 122 - English Composition Hnrs
COM 151 - Fundamentals of Speech COMM 100 - Fundamentals of Speech CSCI, INTE
COM 152 - Fundamentals of Speech Hnrs
HEA 110 - Health WELL 175 - Wellness
WELL 240 - Health, Safety and Physical Ed
ECE 140 - Health, Safety and Physical Ed
WHP 103 - Approaches to Stress Mgmt
BUS 201 - Microeconomics ECON 102 - Microeconomics INTE

For a complete listing of courses which transfer from Reading Area Community College, please visit this webpage.