Transfer Students

Application Process

You should use this application process if you:

  • Have attempted credits at another college, university, or other post secondary institution AFTER graduating high school
  • Have graduated high school and served in the military (active duty or reserve status) and have done training that might correlate to college credits. Applicants must submit their Joint Services Transcript. 

Transfer student admission requires:

  • A 2.0 or higher overall GPA
  • 12 earned and transferable credits for a decision to be made based on college academic record.
  • With fewer than 12 transferable credits, high school transcripts may also be required.
  • A cumulative GPA is calculated for students who have earned credits at multiple institutions.
  • Note: Some majors have some additional requirements. Contact us at for guidance or questions. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

The materials required for admission as a transfer student are listed below:

  1. Complete an online application. There is NO fee to apply. 
  2. Note: We do NOT accept the Common Application for transfer applicants so please use our app.
  3. Official transcripts must be sent directly from each institution where coursework was attempted. Please request each previous school to issue your official transcript to Millersville University and have each school either send electronically to or mailed to us at: Undergraduate Admissions, Millersville University, PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551-0302
  4. For applicants who have not yet completed 12 transferable credits: Please also request an official high school transcript sent directly from your high school guidance office to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. We will usually request this information from you directly. Students with fewer than 12 transferable credits earned at the time of application will be evaluated using a combination of the college and the high school records.
  5. After an applicant has been offered admission, a confirmation deposit will be required to accept the offer and serves as the key to the next steps in the admission process (invitation to transfer orientation, advisement and registration information, access to the web based registration and advisement systems, etc.).
  6. Any questions about the transfer admissions process, please contact 

How do Credits get Transferred?

  • See the Course Equivalency Lists on the Millersville Registrar's website to compare our most commonly transferred from schools and how Millersville accepts their courses. 
  • Most liberal arts courses in which a grade of C- or better is earned would be transferable if completed at a regionally accredited college.
  • Courses not accepted include those remedial in nature, study skills courses, courses taken at institutions lacking regional accreditation, and those in which grades below C- were earned.
  • Courses in which a grade of D was earned are transferable from Pennsylvania community colleges and institutions in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education only, provided the cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher with the exception of English Composition and Public Speaking which require a C- or higher.

Partnerships and Agreements

Millersville has Dual Admission agreements with Harrisburg Area Community College and Reading Area Community College for students who intend to complete their Associate degree and then transfer to MU. For information about those programs, please see below. 

MU also has general agreements and program-to-program agreements with a variety of schools. Please see here for an updated list. 

Millersville University has a program articulation agreement with Cecil College (MD) and their Early College Academy Program. Please see additional info here.

 Additionally, as a PASSHE school and under TAOC in the state of Pennsylvania, there are state-wide program-to- program articulation agreements available. More info can be found here on's website

Transfer Students from HACC

Harrisburg Area Community College is one of the top transferred-from schools for Millersville transfer applicants. 

Students transferring from Harrisburg Area Community College are encouraged to refer to HACC's advisement check sheets developed cooperatively between HACC and Millersville.

The HACC/MU Dual Admission Program is designed for students who plan to complete an Associate Degree at HACC prior to enrolling at Millersville.  It is primarily an advisement program that provides ongoing credit evaluations that allow students to see how HACC credits will fit towards a Millersville degree. It is recommended that you apply to the program prior to the completion of 30 HACC college credits. Please see your HACC Counselor for an application and additional information or contact 

Transfer Students from RACC

Reading Area Community College is another top transferred-from school for Millersville applicants. 

The RACC/MU Dual Admission Program is designed for students who plan to complete an Associate Degree at RACC prior to enrolling at Millersville. It is primarily an advisement program that provides ongoing credit evaluations that allow students to see how RACC credits will fit towards a Millersville degree. RACC will automatically send MU a new RACC transcript at the conclusion of each semester. The program is only for students who intend to complete an Associate Degree at RACC, prior to beginning at Millersville. It is recommended that you apply to the program prior to the completion of 30 college credits. Please speak to Transfer Services/Advising at RACC for info or contact