Ville First-Generation


Launched in 2018, Ville First-Generation was established to provide support for students identified as first-generation. In recent years, Millersville University earned a spot in the First-Gen Forward Institutions cohort through an initiative by NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators) and the Suder Foundation. This designation acknowledges institutions of higher education that have showcased a commitment to enhancing the experiences and facilitating the success of first-generation college students.

All Ville First-Generation programs are lead by Dr. Christina Williams, Director of Pre-College Programs.

Am I first-generation college student?

You are a first-generation college student if your parent(s) or guardian(s) did not obtain a bachelor's degree in the United States.


students standing in a groupFirst-Gen Connect

First- Gen Connect is a program that provides Millersville University First-Generation students the opportunity to hear from first-generation faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and community members regarding their journey to college completion, success, trials, and perseverance. These meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis from October through April. This opportunity provides the first-generation community at Millersville University the opportunity to network and connect with each other through shared experiences.

Tri-Alpha (First-Generation Honor Society)

Alpha Alpha Alpha, or Tri-Alpha, was founded March 24, 2018 at Moravian College (now Moravian University) in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Millersville University has the PHI Alpha Chapter which was initiated on November 7, 2019. First-Generation undergraduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, and honorary members can join Tri-Alpha if they meet the requirements.

Students qualify for induction into Tri-Alpha if they meet the following criteria:

  • The student has earned at least 30 credit/semester hours (or 45 quarter hours) towards an associate's degree or baccalaureate degree. This includes half-time students.

  • The undergraduate student has achieved an overall undergraduate GPA of at least 3.2 on a 4.0 scale.

  • Neither of the student's parents, nor step-parents, nor legal guardians, completed a bachelor's degree (or, for students at a community college, the parents did not complete an associate's degree).

  • Graduate students who are first-generation students can be admitted if they have completed the equivalent of at least one term of study (9 or more graduate credits) and have a GPA in their graduate program of at least 3.5. (NOTE: The executive board voted to change the GPA requirement to 3.5, but now allows for part-time students in graduate programs to be admitted.). (For schools using a pass, high pass, etc. system, a "high pass" average is required.)

Faculty and staff may be inducted as well. To qualify, they must have met the definition of a first-generation student listed above at the time they completed their bachelor's degree. Faculty and staff must be willing to serve as mentors for first-generation students.students in a group

A small number of alumni and honorary inductees may be initiated each year. To qualify, these inductees must have been first-generation students (using the definition above) when they completed their bachelor's degree. They must remain connected in some way to the institution which is inducting them— a member of the board or alumni association; the sibling of a current student; a volunteer; a donor; etc.. They must have established themselves in their post-college lives in a manner that can be held up to first-generation students as something to aspire to, and must be willing to mentor first-generation students, if asked. NEW UPDATE: Honorary members need not have been first-generation college students; rather honorary inductees may be first-gen students with some kind of connection to the institution (as indicated above) OR clearly be a first-gen student advocate, mentor, or supporter while maintaining a connection to the institution which is inducting them.

First-Generation Celebration

Each year, on November 8, college's, universities, organizations, and K-12 schools are encouraged to recognize and celebrate their first-generation community. November 8th is the day that the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965 was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson. Millersville University has a weekly celebration to inspire, encourage, recognize, and support the first-generation community.

first generation forward AFFINITY HOUSING

First-Generation Forward Affinity Housing is a residential community for students that identify as first-generation and for students that support the first-generation community at Millersville University. At Millersville University, First-generation students are those students who do not have parent(s) or guardian(s) that have completed a bachelor’s degree in the United States.




First Gems of The Ville is a student organization that was formed by undergraduate student Kiara Guzman-Ramos right before the Covid 19 pandemic. First Gems of the Ville is an organization dedicated to the goals of recognizing, raising awareness of, and resolving the unique needs of first-generation college students at Millersville University.