CSCI 421

Web Application Development

Coordinator: jingnan xie

Credits: 4.0


Introduction to building advanced web applications using modern approaches and technologies. Course covers development of responsive web applications using current industry-leading technology stacks and cloud-based services. Topics include asynchronous programming, an overview and use of cloud services, review of full stack technology, and development of real data-driven web applications.


CSCI 362 and 366

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, a successful student will be able to:

  1. Design and develop three-tier web applications using modern technology stacks.
  2. Compose basic, database-driven web applications quickly, in the cloud, using several different technology stacks.
  3. Evaluate and decide which technology stack to adopt for an application based on various requirements such as scalability, performance, and extensibility.
  4. Differentiate traditional web development practices and modern-day web application technology stacks.
  5. Understand the basic anatomy of client-side web applications (UI), the technologies used to comprise them, and how to extend the UI to adopt new features.
  6. Implement secure API endpoints for authentication, logout, and actions (including role management).
  7. Describe and apply various components and terms related to asynchronous programming such as futures, promises, deferred execution, and language constructs such as await/async.