Color of Teaching

Our Mission

On one level, our goal is to support current Millersville University students of color who are education majors by providing them with leadership opportunities, professional experiences, a support group network, and a faculty mentor to support them through the whole certification process. Additionally, we train these Millersville University students to serve as mentors to middle school and high school students of color who are interested in pursuing a career in education. Both Millersville University students and local middle and high school students who are presently involved in the Color of Teaching Program report on the positive effects of a unique and supportive relationship that is cultivated via mentoring.

Conceptual Framework

While fulfilling our mission, we also consider the conceptual Framework put forth by Millersville University. When the duties of the Color of Teaching are performed, two goals in the framework are met simultaneously. The first goal that is met states –

  • “Learning communities of Inquiry and Action: We will engage in learning communities in which reflection, collaboration, lifelong learning, and habits of mind are developed and nurtured.” We meet this goal by meeting as a cohort to discuss educational issues and preparation for teaching.

The second goal that is met through the program is-

  • “Focus on Students: We will balance knowledge and the principles and standards delineated in professional and state standards with an appreciation of all students’ individuality, diversity, and cultures.” 

Our cohort of Millersville University education majors of color and middle school and high school students of color meet this goal by discussing cultural diversity and various learning styles in today’s classroom (meet our officers).