Professional Education Unit Information

Mission and Vision

Mission: The Professional Education Unit (PEU) is committed to the preparation and continuing development of education professionals (e.g. teachers, school leaders, and professional support personnel). The core of basic preparation includes a steadfast commitment to a liberal-arts based education, a strong knowledge of pedagogy and content, provision of ample field experiences, and the development of dispositions benefitting an education professional. The PEU is committed to providing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its students with professionals who are able to assume their roles and responsibilities as educators in a diverse and technologically complex society; who are able to understand and appreciate students as individuals; who develop habits of mind that support inquiry, reflection, and collaboration; and who demonstrate professional standards of conduct including a strong sense of ethics and the motivation to seek opportunities that foster professional and personal growth. The PEU is committed to serve as a resource for the communities in the region through the application of the scholarship efforts and service.

Vision: We envision the Professional Education Unit (PEU) at Millersville University to be exemplary in the preparation of education professionals who recognize, respect, and respond to the promise of every child, seek to better the lives of individuals in a changing and complex society, and improve society through the education process. We envision generations of learners within the community, where PEU faculty and school partners support and guide future education professionals; where new education professionals support and guide their P12 students and become partners in the preparation of future educators; and where, subsequently, their students become responsible, valued, and giving members of the community.


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Ermaleen B. Etter Endowment Award

Janet Wood Scholarship

College of Education and Human Services Endowed & Memorial Scholarships

Questions about these awards may be directed to:

Dr. Jason Baker, ACE Committee Chair
Psychology Dept.
Luek Hall

Teacher Education Council

The purpose of the Teacher Education Council is to ensure that all undergraduate, graduate, and in-service teacher education programs are functioning under the auspices of and with the approval of the Professional Education Unit.

The primary functions of the council are to:

  1. Review and approve proposed changes in curriculum, academic programs, and related matters from all schools which impact on teacher education programs and other school personnel requirements. School curriculum committees shall forward these proposed changes to the Teacher Education Council.
  2. Review and approve proposed changes in curriculum, course structure, academic programs, and related matters from the PEU.
  3. Initiate recommendations for changes in the curriculum, course structure, academic regulations and policies, or related matters for the PEU.
  4. Develop policies governing admission and retention of candidates in the PEU.
  5. Develop and evaluate PEU programs.

Matters recommended by the council are forwarded to the appropriate University-wide committee.

TEC Chair:  Dr. Leslie Gates, Art & Design

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