Academic Departments

Department Listings

Educational Foundations
Chair:  Dr. Tiffany Wright
Office:  Stayer Hall 419
Phone:  717.871.7330

  • BSE Secondary Education
  • Applied Disability Studies
  • M.Ed. ACTE Certification
  • M.Ed. Inclusive Practices
  • M.Ed. Leadership
  • M.Ed. Online Teaching
  • M.Ed. Special Education Plus Cert
  • M.Ed. STEM Education
  • Integrative STEM Education Endorsement
  • Online Teaching Endorsement
  • Ed.D. in Leadership Program
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certification
  • Secondary Education Professional Development School (PDS)

Early, Middle and Exceptional Education
Chair:  Dr. Jennifer Shettel
Office:  Stayer Hall, 323
Phone:  717.871.7347

  • B.S. ED. in Early Childhood Education
  • B.S. ED. in Middle Level Education
  • Language & Literacy: English as a Second Language Minor
  • EMEE Graduate Programs (Gifted Education, Early Childhood Education, Language and Literacy)
  • EMEE Professional Development Programs (PDS)

Special Education
Chair: Dr. Janet Bertoni
Office: Stayer Hall 229
Phone: 717.871.4049

  • S. ED. Special Education PK-12
  • ED. in Special Education 
  • Post-Baccalaureate Pre-K-12 Certification
  • Post-Master Supervisory Certification in Special Education

Chair:  Dr. Debra Vredenbury-Rudy
Office:  Susan P. Luek Hall 214-B
Phone:  717.871.7279

Assistant Chair: Dr. Elizabeth A. Thyrum
Office: Susan P. Luek Hall 120
Phone: 717.871.7278

  • Psychology
  • School Counseling
  • School Psychology

School of Social Work
Chair:  Dr. Karen Rice
Office:  Stayer Hall 307
Phone: 717-871-5297

  • Bachelor of Social Work Program- in person and online
  • Master of Social Work Program- in person and online
  • Master of Social Work and Master of Science in Emergency Management Dual-Degree Program
  • Master of Social Work and Master of Education in Sport Management Dual-Degree Program
  • Doctor of Social Work- online
  • School of Social Work Certification
  • Advanced Children, Youth, and Families Certificate
  • Certificate in Expressive Arts
  • Home and School Visitor Certification
  • Interprofessional Education Certificate

Wellness and Sport Sciences
Chair:  Dr. Dan Keefer
Office:  Luek 215
Phone:  717.871.4218

  • B.S. in Sport Administration
  • M.Ed. in Sports Management
  • Pre-Athletic Training degree in Allied Health Major
  • Sports Medicine degree in Allied Health Major
  • Journalism degree from Communications department with Sports Studies minor (sport journalism)
  • Minor in Athletic Coaching
  • Minor in Sport Studies