B.S.E. Earth and Space Science

Interested in pursuing a career as a middle school or high school Earth Science teacher? The Department of Earth Sciences offers a 126-credit program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education in the Earth Sciences.

This program is for students interested in pursuing careers as a high school educator in the field of earth sciences including environmental earth science, geology, meteorology, and oceanography. Students obtain certification in earth science upon completion of the program and successful completion of state examinations. Education courses and student teaching experiences are offered in conjunction with the department of Educational Foundations in the College of Education and Human Services (Educational Foundations | Millersville University). Please contact the department for more information!


Summer Internship

Megan Hastings '23 interned for the Manheim Township Parks Department.

“My professors encouraged me to practice using a variety of teaching styles, technological tools, and classroom management strategies during my student teaching experience which prepared me for the situations I would encounter as an educator. ”

- Danielle Greene | BSE '20

Successful Careers

Our alumni are teaching in middle schools and high schools throughout the region and the United States. The closest being right next door at Penn Manor High School (Megan Hastings '23 pictured above) to across the Pacific in Hawaii.

Earth Science Certification

An Earth & Space Science certified educator is qualified to teach subjects such as: geology, hydrology, oceanography, astronomy, climatology, meteorology, paleontology, and seismology as well as general science and environmental science.

“The faculty in the Earth Sciences Department encouraged me to develop my skills beyond the classroom by engaging in student research, volunteering for the Science Olympiad, and developing Earth Science lessons all of which helped me build confidence to succeed in my teaching career.”

- Sandon Eaton | BSE '19