Department of Earth Sciences

B.S. in Education

For those students interested in pursuing careers as middle school/high school teachers, the department also offers a 126-credit program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.

About the program:

The BSE-Earth and Space Sciences degree leads to certification to teach earth and space sciences at the secondary level in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The  curriculum is designed to be rigorous and challenging and to provide both depth and breadth of knowledge in Earth Sciences sufficient that our graduates become outstanding educators. Our philosophy is that because earth science requires a basic understanding of the physical world as revealed by the physical sciences, our future earth science teachers should have a solid grounding in the physical sciences in addition to a strong preparation in earth system science. Thus this program includes extensive coursework in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

We strongly believe that scientific research is an extremely valuable experience for students. Therefore, the members of the Earth Sciences Faculty maintain active research programs specifically geared to the participation and training of undergraduates and enthusiastically encourage our BSE students to include independent research in their programs of study because we believe that that experience ultimately will help them become better educators. Furthermore, our BSE students also benefit greatly from a campus with rich resources and expertise in a wide range of related subspecialties. Rigorous programs and outstanding faculties in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and geography enhance the strength of our program.

In addition to earth science requirements, you will need to complete a set of courses that are a part of your formal certification. Please be sure to consult your academic adviser and consult the Field Services site for information on required clearances, Advanced Professional Studies requirements, and other required tests: 

Career Opportunities:

Currently, there is a high demand across the nation for teachers that are certified to teach science and mathematics. Our BSE graduates hold teaching positions in middle and high schools throughout the country. In addition to the obvious career track of the BSE, a number of our graduates pursue advanced degrees, and ultimately take positions in a variety of higher education settings. Some have used their degree in teaching to follow careers in  non-traditional teaching careers such as training specialists, or educational advisers.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

In addition to the B.S. degree programs, the department offers a less-prescribed curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts in the Earth Sciences degree and a B.A. in Earth Sciences/Environmental Geology. These 120-credit programs are designed to accommodate those students who want more flexibility in their curriculum.

After completing a four-credit introductory course in each of the three earth sciences disciplines, the prospective B.A. graduate must complete an additional 18 credits in one of the earth sciences disciplines.