Richard D. Clark, Ph.D.

Professor & Department Chair

Richard D. Clark, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator:

Space Weather and Environment: Science, Policy, and Communication Graduate Certificate Program

Master of Science in Integrated Scientific Applications


ESCI 107 - The Atmosphere
ESCI 241 - Meteorology
ESCI 340 - Physical Meteorology
ESCI 341 - Atmospheric Thermodynamics
ESCI 342 - Atmospheric Dynamics I
ESCI 343 - Atmospheric Dynamics II
ESCI 345 - Storm and Cloud Dynamics
ESCI 440 - Space Weather and Environment (Visit Space Weather web site).
ESCI 444 - Meso- and Storm-Scale Meteorology
ESCI 446 - Statistics, Uncertainty, and Decision Making in the Earth Sciences
ESCI 447 - Meteorological Instr., Meas., and Obs Systems
ESCI 448 - Boundary Layers and Turbulence
HNRS 202 - Earth in Space

  • Boundary layers and turbulence; atmospheric chemistry; airborne and balloon-borne atmospheric research

Dr. Clark

Richard Clark

Dept. Chairman and Professor of Meteorology

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Office Hours: M, T, W, R, F: 9:00 – 10:00 am

Phone: 717-871-7434

  • Ph.D. (Atmospheric Science), University of Wyoming
  • M.S. (Atmospheric Sciences), University of Wyoming
  • B.S. (Chemistry; Mathematics), Point Park University