Telehealth Certificate - Online

New Program!

Wehrheim School of Nursing Telehealth certificate is 100% online and open to all majors and guest students! 

There is a growing demand for telehealth as a modality to improve patient outcomes in professions such as social work, nursing, counseling, providers, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and respiratory therapy, and more!

Remote healthcare has exploded since the start of the pandemic in 2020. The expansion of telehealth and other remote healthcare options is only expected to increase in the future years and become a “normal” part of healthcare delivery, enabling specialists and providers to reach patients in remote areas and eliminating barriers to receive safe, efficient healthcare.

Program Benefits

  • 100% Online
  • 3 Courses (10 credits)
  • Learn to facilitate healthcare via telehealth/telephonic/telemedicine/virtual and remote care

Program Objectives

The online telehealth certificate allows students to:

  • Identify the history of telehealth and the impact it has on future strategies
  • Understand how to use telehealth effectively to engage in quality interactions 
  • Learn the principles of telehealth and the project management skills necessary to implement virtual programs in a variety of settings

Some organizations have seen a 3,000% increase in the use of telehealth –expand your employment opportunities now!


Fall 2022

NURS 370 Telehealth Foundations (3 credits, 7 weeks)
An introduction to telehealth theory, clinical usage, historical perspectives, and future strategies that provide clinicians, healthcare team members, administrators, and community members a broad-based overview of the use of technology in healthcare.

NURS 460 Telehealth Policy, Advocacy, and Clinical Applications (3 credits, 7 weeks)Review the roles of policy, advocacy, and clinical application of telehealth. Using spirit of inquiry principles, the impact of virtual care, artificial intelligence, and remote patient monitoring on patient care, quality and safety and process improvement will be investigated. NURS 370 pre-req
Spring 2023

NURS 461 Advanced Telehealth (4 credits, full semester)
Develop telehealth project management skills and clinical presence using technology as a methodology of providing healthcare in a variety of settings across the continuum. NURS 370 and 460 pre-req

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