Post-Master's Certificate

Earn the credentials to advance your nursing career with one of our post-master's certificates.

Family Nurse Practitioner

A post-master’s certificate is available in the family nurse practitioner option for individuals who already hold an MSN degree. Course requirements are contingent upon previous master’s degree. An individualized gap analysis is...

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Nursing Education

Gain the educational acumen to mentor and develop nursing students. Explore advanced teaching methods, curriculum design, and best practices for both online and traditional teaching environments.

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Nursing Informatics

Expand the scope of your impact in healthcare. Earn your Graduate Certificate in Nursing Informatics online and become an in-demand specialist with expertise in leveraging data and information systems to improve patient outcomes.

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Nursing Leadership

Elevate your nursing leadership expertise with hands-on practicum experiences tailored to your individual learning goals and coursework from the CNEA-accredited MSN program.

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