RN to BSN concurrent Enrollment program (CEP)


confident nursing studentThe Millersville/HACC BSN concurrent enrollment program is designed to allow HACC ASN students to take Millersville BSN courses online while completing the program at HACC to get a head start on their BSN program!

Any HACC student that is accepted into the HACC Associate in Nursing program is eligible to apply for the Millersville RN to BSN concurrent Enrollment program (CEP). Students must be accepted into HACC’s ASN program before applying with MU. HACC students are not required to enter the concurrent enrollment program if they would prefer to complete their ASN first before beginning their BSN.

When should i apply to Millersville?

We recommend applying in your first or second semester at HACC. You are eligible to apply after you are accepted into HACC’s ASN program.

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Yes! Students using financial aid will be eligible to apply financial aid to courses taken at both HACC and at MU. MU and HACC financial aid offices will work together to provide your financial aid package. You will need to add MU to your FAFSA.

What is the goal of this program?

Joining the CEP helps you accelerate your path to the BSN and even your MSN degree! In addition, depending on your HACC credit load, joining the CEP can help you maintain your part-time or full-time status to be eligible for federal financial aid!

What would my schedule look like?

Your schedule will be individualized based on your credits and your academic goals. In general, you will be able to take one Millersville course per term while you are working on your RN degree. This means that once you finish your HACC degree, you will be able to finish your BSN degree at MU faster. Our concurrent education students should be able to complete the BSN within 12-18 months after graduating from HACC.

Who will help me decide what classes to take?

You will be assigned an advisor at both MU and HACC – we will all work together to help you achieve your academic goals! After you earn your ASN from HACC, your MU advisor will continue to guide your academic progress in the BSN program.

What MU courses will I be taking while at HACC?

All MU courses will be fully online and are seven weeks in length. Depending on your credit needs, you will have the opportunity to take a telehealth certification and other 300-level nursing courses, including professionalism, environmental health and others!

Are there any other benefits of being a CEP student?

Yes! As a concurrent education student, you will have access to the Millersville University library and other MU resources. You will also be eligible for our undergraduate scholarship opportunities!


HACC students interested in the BSN concurrent enrollment program can email: CEPNursing@millersville.edu