A seamless path from your RN to BSN to MSN

This innovative program allows you to get a jump start on your master's degree while completing your bachelor's degree. By taking graduate courses as part of your undergraduate degree, you will be able to complete your master's degree in as little as 25 credits.

New BSN Course Options!

Watch the video to learn how the new BSN course options can help you reach your MSN faster!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the new BSN curriculum path?

    With our new curriculum path, BSN students can take up to four MSN-level courses (13 credits) during their BSN program. These courses replace undergraduate courses.

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  • Why should I take MSN courses if I am trying to get my BSN?

    First, it can save you money. When you take the MSN courses as a BSN, you are paying for those courses at the BSN tuition rate.  Second, taking these courses at the BSN level allows you to complete your MSN at Millersville in as few at 24 credits (depending on the MSN track).

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  • What are the specific courses and how do they impact what I would normally take as a BSN student?

    NURS 506 Nursing for Sustainable Health (3 credits) can be taken in place of NURS 340 Environmental Factors Affecting Health (3 credits)

    NURS 508 Advanced Clinical Knowledge (4 credits) can be taken instead of NURS 360 Assessment and Diversity (4 credits)

    NURS 503 Advanced Practice Professional Issues and Health Policy (3 credits) can be taken instead of NURS 438 Health Policy and Nursing Issues

    NURS 504 Nursing Informatics and Healthcare Technology (3 credits) will continue to be required


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  • I’m starting the RN to BSN program, but I haven’t taken my NCLEX yet.  Am I still eligible to take the MSN level classes?

    In general, you will be able to take these classes prior to passing your NCLEX. As both NURS 421 and NURS 478 have practicum requirements, the RN license is a requirement for taking those courses.

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  • How will adding these courses to my BSN program impact how long it takes me to get my BSN?

    It won’t! The MSN courses replace existing BSN courses, so there is no change in the overall number of credits/courses needed to obtain your BSN! 

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  • Will the MSN courses be offered in seven week mini-mesters?

    No. As a faculty, we believe that it will be best to offer the MSN courses over a full semester.  This means that there may be some semesters when you are taking two nursing courses at the same for part of the semester.  All the nursing faculty will be aware of this and will work with you if you need extra time during those periods. 

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  • If I do take the MSN courses as a BSN student, do I need to go directly into the MSN program or can I take some time off?

    You don’t have to go directly into the MSN program. You can take some time off, and when you return, you will be still be able to complete your MSN at the accelerated rate!

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  • I’m not sure which MSN track I want to do. Does taking these courses during my BSN still help me?

    YES!  No matter which MSN track you choose, taking these courses as a BSN candidate will still be an advantage.   For those students wishing to pursue the MSN Family Nurse Practitioner degree, you will still need to take the three advanced practice courses: NURS 511 Pathophysiology; NURS 512 Health Assessment; and NURS 513 Advanced Pharmacology, however, NURS 508 Advanced Clinical Knowledge will provide you with a great foundation for this course!

    For students who go into the other MSN tracks (Nursing Education, School Nursing and Nursing Leadership), NURS 508 will replace NURS 511, 512 and 513. 


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  • I’ve already taken one of the courses that can be replaced with a graduate course. Does that mean I can’t take the other MSN courses?

    No. If you are interested in this option, contact Dr. Kuhns. We will look at every student’s degree audit to determine what courses can be taken.  And if you need free elective credits to achieve your 120 required credits, you can take one of the MSN courses as a free elective!   If you don’t need a free elective, you will be able to decide if you want to take the course now as an undergraduate or wait and take it at the graduate level.  For example, if you are thinking about following the FNP MSN track and you’ve already taken NURS 360, it would be best to wait until your master’s program and just take the required courses of NURS 511, 512 and 513.  But if you are planning to go into the other MSN tracks, then it would be financially beneficial to you to take NURS 508 as an undergraduate student. 

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  • When I get my diploma, will it look different?

    No. Taking these courses does not impact the degree you will receive.  You will receive the same BSN diploma.

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  • If I take these MSN courses, am I consider an MSN student?

    No, you are still a BSN student.  These courses are just replacing other BSN courses in your curriculum. 

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  • Does taking these MSN courses guarantee my admission to the MU MSN program?

    As long as you maintain a 3.0 or higher and there are no other academic or professional issues, your transition to the MU MSN Nursing Education, Nursing Leadership or School Nursing will be relatively seamless.  You will have to complete an application and all applications will be reviewed by the Nursing faculty. 

    If you are applying to the Nurse Practitioner program, you will apply and will need to meet the additional requirements for clinical practice and personal interview.  There will be specific spots reserved in the NP cohorts for students who meet the requirements and have completed MSN courses in the undergraduate curriculum.

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  • Will these MSN courses transfer to another MSN program?

    We can’t answer that question; each university has its own policy.  You would need to check with that specific university.      

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  • I need to be able to visualize what this would look like. Can you show me a proposed plan?

    For a new student the plan will look like this:

    BSN Curriculum – with MSN substitution courses

    Spring 2021
    MOD A  NURS 320 Concepts of Professional Practice (3 credits)
    Full Semester – NURS 508 Advanced Clinical Knowledge (4 credits)

    Summer 2021

    Full Semester NURS 506 Nursing for Sustainable Health (3 credits) 
    MOD B  NURS 330 Ethics of Healthcare Innovations (3 credits)

    Fall 2021
    Full Semester NURS 503 Advanced Practice Issues and Health Policy
    MOD B  NURS 428 Nursing Research (3 credits) Stats pre-req must be met

    Spring 2022
    MOD A  NURS 421 Population-Based Nursing (5 credits)
    MOD B  NURS 504 Nursing Informatics and Healthcare Technology (3 credits)

    Summer 2022
    MOD A  NURS 478 Transformational Leadership (4 credits)

    For a student already in the program, each plan will vary based on where in the program the student is. 

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